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More Than Just a Gift

We live in an age of fragrance. A person's sense of smell is one of the strongest of all the other senses. It can influence our behavior, set a particular mood, bring up pleasant memories of the past, and help express our individuality.

Wearing fragrances is one of the most satisfying ways men and women pamper themselves each and every day since time immemorial. The history of perfume dates back to the ancient world. The Egyptians were the first to incorporate the use of aromas into their culture by making them a part of their religious ceremonies. They believed that scented smoke could help them communicate with gods, thus the word 'perfume' comes from Latin 'Per Fumum' which means 'through smoke.' Since then fragrances have become popular in every culture and now it's hard to imagine our everyday lives without using our favorite scents.

Why Perfume Makes a Great Gift

One can never have too many perfumes, especially women! Good perfume is a luxury and when you give it as a gift, you give the freedom to branch out and try something new. Even if a recipient already has a signature scent, they will be delighted to add another fragrance to their collection. Because signature notes found in perfumes have such a wide range, having several different scents ensures they'll always have one suitable for any mood and occasion.

Perfumes are quite easy to choose for a gift. The recipient's age, gender, and their favorite scents are the first things to keep in mind when buying a fragrance. If you know their favorite perfume, you can go safe and buy the same or select something different but with the similar notes. If you aren't aware of the recipient's preferences or want to surprise them, choose light flowery fragrances for younger women or heavier classic ones for older women. Shopping for men's perfumes is even less complicated. Decide if you want to go for spicy, citrus, musky, or lighter scents and choose between a number of classic fragrances.

If you're looking for a personal gift for a romantic occasion, perfume is the perfect choice. A luxurious designer perfume set or a a spa gift basket that also includes body lotion, shower gel, roll-on scents, candles, etc., will pamper them with all the essentials and demonstrate your love and care.

All fragrances can be roughly divided into several main groups according to the notes dominating in them.


Fragrance Notes For Women

Floral perfumes are dominated by a single floral or floral bouquet scent. Light floral fragrances are mostly suitable for younger women, while heavier ones, for example those with jasmine notes, are preferred by older women. Popular examples of floral perfumes are Estée Lauder's Beautiful, Chloe, Dior Addict, J'Adore Dior, Pure Poison Dior, and Guerlain Aqua Allegoria.

Gourmand perfumes are sweet, dessert-like fragrances that contain notes like vanilla and coumarin, as well as synthetic components designed to resemble food flavors ranging from the simpler chocolate, ice cream, and caramel smells to complex recipes such as macaroons, crème brulée, and other popular confections. The first successful "gourmand" fragrance was Thierry Mugler's Angel, launched in 1992. Modern fragrances include Escada Absolutely Me, DKNY Sweet Delicious, Prada Candy, Miss Dior Cherie Dior, Guerlain Shalimar, Pretty Nina Nina Ricci

Fragrance Notes For Men & Women

Woody perfumes feature woody scents, typically of agar, sandalwood, patchouli, and cedar. Good examples of this type of perfume for men are 1 Million by Paco Rabanne, Burberry Brit, Bang by Marc Jacobs, and Calvin Klein's Escape. Women's perfumes with woody notes include Alien Thierry's Mugler, Sensuous by Estee Lauder, Omnia Green Jade by Bvlgari, and Eau Claire des Merveilles' Hermes.

Green perfumes have a lighter scent with pronounced cut grass, crushed green leaf, and cucumber-like scents. These scents are mostly used for men's or unisex fragrances including Estée Lauder's Aliage, Sisley's Eau de Campagne, Hugo by Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren's Polo Sport, and Calvin Klein's Eternity.


Spicy perfumes provide a distinct spicy note in men's fragrances. They liven up the overall scent with nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, or cardamom. Examples include: Armani's Code, Cartier's Must for men, Hugo Boss's Hugo Dark Blue, Burberry London for Men, Hugo Boss's Boss Soul, and Yves Saint Laurent's Body Kouros.

Aquatic or Ozonic perfumes are the newest category in perfume history with a clean smell reminiscent of the ocean. They first appeared in 1988 in Davidoff's Cool Water, Christian Dior's Dune (1991), and others. This clean scent has inspired many of the modern men's and unisex perfumes, such as Calvin Klein's One Summer and Carolina Herrera's Aqua.

Citrus perfumes are old and abundant. Their compositions are based on lemon, orange, bergamot, grapefruit, or mandarin, with other citrusy, aromatic, and tart notes for men, such as in DKNY's Be Delicious Picnic in the Park and Marc Jacobs' Splash Orange, and floral notes for women, such as in Emilio Pucci Sabbia's 167, Guerlain's Aqua Allegoria, and Lancome's Aroma Delice.

Fruity perfumes are a relatively recent group which encompasses mostly fragrances for men such as Davidoff's Cool Water, Game Happy Summer, and Esprit's Celebration for Him. They are also used in unisex fragrances such as Marc Jacobs' Cocktail Splash Cranberry and Hermes Un Jardin's Sur Le Toit/Eau de Cologne. These types are composed of aromatic components and fresh fruit such as peach, black currant, mango and passion fruit; they provide a fresh, clean, and exotic impression.

The ability of a fragrance to make us feel desired, to connect with our memories, to change the mood and express our individuality is phenomenal. This boost of positivity in our everyday life increases vitality, improves our drive to accomplish, and increases resistance to failure. Help your dear recipient find the fragrance that makes them happy and let them reap the benefits continually thereafter!

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