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Learn most important Brazil holidays: holiday traditions of gift giving in Brazil

Gift Basket Delivery to Brazil

Brazil is a country of wonder, beauty, and incredible people, so wanting to send something to your friends and family who live there should be filled with much the same attributes. You’ll find that sending a gift to Brazil is all about your recipient. Building and supporting connections with friends, family, and business partners is key to people from Brazil. Picking out your gift is not only the fun part, but the truly magical part about sending something special to the people in Brazil. Wanting to go above and beyond for those who mean something to you is the pure spirit of gift giving, and something the people of Brazil understand with a passion.

While picking something may seem obvious, it’s nice to know a bit about what to give, why, and when. We aim to answer some of the questions in our brief tips on the ins and outs of sending a gift to Brazil. From surprising an old friend to impressing a new business partner, we have the gifts and expertise to make your shopping experience a breeze. Our gift giving experts have compiled a list of occasions, etiquettes, and options below making sending something to Brazil, a breeze.

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Holidays Observed In Brazil

  • Public Holidays in Brazil

    • New Year’s Day - January 1
    • Carnival - February 25 - March 2, 2022
    • International Women’s Day - March 8
    • Labour Day - May 1, 2022
    • Mother’s Day - May 8, 2022
    • Father’s Day - (Second Sunday in August) - August 14, 2022
    • Dia dos Namorados - June 12, 2022
    • Children’s Day - October 12, 2022
    • Christmas Day - December 25
  • Jewish Holidays in Brazil

    • Purim - March 16-17, 2022
    • Shavuot - June 4-6, 2022
    • Rosh Hashanah - September 25-27, 2022
    • Hanukkah - November 28 - December 6, 2021
  • Muslim Holidays in Brazil

    • Eid al-Fit - May 3, 2022
    • Eid al-Adha - July 9-10, 2022
    • Muharram/Islamic New Year - July 30, 2022
    • Ramadan - April 1-30, 2022
  • Christian/Catholic Holidays in Brazil

    • Good Friday - April 15, 2022
    • Easter Sunday - April 17, 2022
    • Corpus Christi - June 16, 2022
    • Our Lady Aparecida - October 12, 2022
    • All Souls’ Day - November 2, 2021
    • Christmas Eve - December 24, 2021

What are some Unique Holiday Traditions in Brazil that I should know about?

Brazil is known to be larger than life from the outside looking in. With the huge list of holidays, festivals, and rich traditions the people there enjoy, it’s no wonder this country is so captivating! You’ll find that they encourage celebrations and love nothing more than when a tourist or friend takes an interest in learning their ways. So, if you are ever unsure of what that festival is your friend just mentioned, ask them! Just getting to tell you about what they celebrate and why is a gift in and of itself. But in case you want some highlights, and appropriate gifts to send to them, here are our 3 favorite holidays in Brazil:

  • Rio Carnival - Carnival is probably the holiday you think of first when you hear of Brazil. Five days long, this festival is known the world over and livens things up during Easter, starting the Friday and lasting till the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. Elaborate costumes, good music, spectacular dancers, and more flood the streets. It’s a time to be generous, enjoy life to the fullest, and spread a little happiness.

  • Festa do Peão - means, you may have guessed it, “Cowboy Festival”. This festival pretty much follows through with all things cowboy, including rodeo bulls, horse shows, and music to fit the atmosphere. The largest and best known Festa do Peão is held in August in Barretos, Sao Paulo. If you’re looking to surprise a fan we recommend sending whiskey or another stiff drink, dried meats also make a suitably Cowboy themed gift.

  • Celebration of Yemanja - this whimsical celebration is meant to pay homage to the Goddess of the Sea. This is most widely celebrated in Salvador, and held in early February every year. Locals offer gifts to the sea, from flowers to costume jewelry and everything in between.

How are birthdays celebrated in Brazil?

In Brazil, birthdays are very important and used as a reason to get close friends and family together. That means that even at a child’s party you’ll find a bunch of adults that are close to them. If you can’t make the party live, sending a happy birthday card is highly encouraged.

You may already be familiar with the fact that the 15th birthday party for girls is particularly important. But if not, you should know that this event, called Festa de Quinze Anos, is one of the most memorable birthdays in a woman’s life. If there is any birthday to be sure you make or send a large gift for, this is sure to be it!

If you aren’t sure what to send for birthdays, flowers are always appreciated. As one of the more popular gifts in Brazil, everyone enjoys them, and they are known to be a friendly and positive gesture.

Are there special rules for sending business gifts to Brazil?

Professionals in Brazil prefer in-person deals to anything negotiated long distance. But they are still an understanding and practical people. If you can’t make it to do business in person as often as you’d like, make sure you use video chats as possible alternatives.

Gifts are a great way to supplement that personal touch as well, but make sure you give gifts outside of the workplace. Sending them a birthday gift, or holiday gift is best done to their home. Sending it to their business address can be awkward, and make it feel like a bribe more than a token of sincerity.

What are the best romantic gifts in Brazil?

The people of Brazil pride themselves on passion, which means you really need to step up your game with romantic gifts. Large gifts, such as jewelry or electronics, are perfect for your anniversary, or your lover’s birthday. But the random gifts of chocolates and flowers are really where it’s at. The big dates are obvious, it’s the little gestures that show you’re thinking of them always that really seal the deal in Brazil. Make sure you send flowers often, and just to see them smile.

What are the most popular things to send to Brazil?

The most popular gifts to Brazil are flowers and fruit. Which makes sense when you think of the fact that obviously expensive gifts can be considered rude unless you are very intimate. Flowers and fruit show that you’re thinking of them, without being so over the top they’d be concerned about owing you a debt. Be sure to go bold and pick bouquets or fruit baskets filled with color and variety.

Other gifting etiquette in Brazil:

  • Refrain from gift giving on the first meet. Wait until you’ve cultivated a relationship and know what your recipient likes.

  • Always present gifts in a relaxed and social setting versus behind closed doors or in a business meeting.

  • Great gifts for going to someone’s home include a fine wine, champagne, scotch, and even candy.

  • Sending or bringing a small gift for the children of the home are also widely appreciated.

  • For acquaintances, avoid sending too personal gifts such as jewelry, perfume, or clothing.

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