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Coronavirus Update
Our company joined humanitarian efforts in Ukraine and donated a portion of our sales to the cause by helping people in Ukraine directly with financial assistance for food, water, and medical supplies via our local food suppliers and couriers.
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Brandable Corporate Gifts




Yes! When you place a bulk order with, you can add your company's logo to your gift cards for free. All you need is a high quality image file of your logo or holiday image, and we'll take care of the rest for you.
Looking for other branding options with your logo or a company name on the ribbons or packaging? - Check out our US & Canada catalog for more details or contact our Corporate Gifting Team.

We also offer brandable e-Gifts, please learn how we can help you automate your ABM & Customer Loyalty programs. It can be as easy as sending an email!

FREE Company Logo on Your Greeting Cards


Add your company logo to your greeting card, totally FREE of charge with any bulk order for 5 (or more) recipients. The graphical image you submit will be printed on the inside of the card. Many of our corporate clients have already taken advantage of this valuable service that keeps your name in front of all your most important recipients, and reminds them how generous you are.

You can review some of our sample card designs here OR alternatively you may want to include your own printed cards.

Add FREE Company Logo to a Greeting Card


It's easy to get started!

  • Download our Corporate Gift Basket Order Bulk Order Form, add your company and recipient information, choose your gifts, & send it back to our team: [email protected].
  • Please attach a high-resolution image file of your company logo. Alternatively you can submit a ready-to-print card image with your text and logo.
  • Image requirements: we accept files in the following formats: PNG, JPG, TIFF (300 dpi is preferred).
  • We will review and confirm your submission as we finalize your corporate order.


Logo Printing Policy:


Please note the following when adding your FREE logo to your gift card:

  • Printing your logos will add 7 business days, from the time of payment, to the lead time of your gift order. Make sure to order early enough for your cards to be produced.
  • We will not edit your images. What you send us is what will be printed on your cards.
  • We provide free color printing services in most countries, but in some rare cases cards may be printed in greyscale. Contact your corporate gift specialist for details about your printing order.
  • Card sizes, designs, and décor may vary according to region, availability, and season. Your cards will always be professional-looking and will match your identified occasion, but they will vary in design from region to region.
  • We prefer to receive your logo as fully integrated card text with the logo added where you’d like it to appear; however, we also accept your high-quality JPEG, PNG, or TIFF, etc. files with 300 dpi or more.

Send Your Own Cards

Alternatively you may decide to send us your own pre-printed cards or any other branded merchandize and we'll be happy to include them with your gift free of charge. This service is available in most countries, but requires 2-3 weeks advance ordering to allow sufficient time for shipping & packaging. Please contact our Corporate Team for more details.




How to Order a Brandable Holiday Gift Basket

A limited number of gifts from our catalog for delivery to USA & Canada, UK, European Union and other locations can be branded with your company logo and artwork (with company branded ribbons and/or custom imprinting)! The minimum order is five (5) gifts. We could also accept branding requests for gifts delivered Worldwide, however we would also need additional 2-3 weeks for shipping, so considering the time to produce branded matertials, this service can only be possible for orders finalized and paid 5-6 weeks prior to desired delivery date.

Please make sure to place your order and submit your artwork at least 21 business days prior to the date of delivery. When preparing artwork for customized gifts, please complete our Corporate Order form and indicate the item names (or product IDs) along with all of the required recipient info.

Brandable Corporate Gifts


Please submit your art in PDF, EPS, JPEG, or TIFF file formats only. Additionally, make sure to submit your artwork in the proper color space (CMYK) as PMS matching is not available. In the event that your artwork needs revision, a reasonable art charge ($45.00) will apply; this will also add an extra day of time for production. Convert-text-to-paths, curves, and outlines cannot be edited. The smallest clearly visible font size is 8 pt.

Please submit a PDF copy, JPG copy, or hard copy of your artwork suitable for verification regardless of the method you use to transfer the properly formatted files. It is important to let us know if the supplied artwork is made "to size" or to tell us what its finished size should be (e.g., 2 inches wide by 1.5 inches long). If "maximum imprint area" is chosen, the factory will determine an appropriate and attractive size for you at no cost. The same holds true if no layout is chosen for your artwork.

We prefer you to use Adobe Illustrator to create your artwork, but we can also accept artwork created with Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw. We prefer you to submit artwork in Vector Artwork Files (EPS) or Acrobat Files (PDF), but we can also accept Raster Artwork Files (TIFF or JPEG).


Please contact our Corporate Team if you need help or have any further questions.


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