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Please tell us a little more about your recipients, your budget, and the kinds of gifts you're looking for in the wizard below, and you’ll receive a selection of gifts that fits your needs – fast!

If you are sending a gift to a family or friend, please try our Personal Wizard Instead.

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What is the Corporate Gift Wizard?

When you’re choosing gifts for your corporate gift programs or you need employee appreciation gift ideas, our Corporate Gift Wizard is your automated personal assistant, bringing only the sections of our catalog you want at the press of a button. We know you need the best business gift ideas for clients, but don’t have all day to shop. Just fill out the quick form above, and the Wizard will give you the best corporate gift ideas that fit your requests. 

Why should I use the Corporate Gift Wizard?

First, you’re a generous person who understands that a good gift is a great way to show how much you value employees, colleagues, and customers. And you’re smart enough to know that well-planned global employee recognition programs and international customer retention campaigns provide a personal touch that has a positive impact on your profit margin.

Studies show that business owners who reach out to employees with tangible gifts for birthdays, milestones, and anniversaries increase morale, improve work ethic, and bolster profits. Similar results are true when businesses, or their departments, choose gifts for valuable partners, colleagues, and affiliates – especially when their colleagues are overseas, or work remotely together.

This tool will help you with corporate gift suggestions based on the goals of your gifting program, including: Client Complaint Resolution, Employee Retention, or Improving Customer Loyalty. In short, use the Corporate Gift Wizard to find employee recognition gift ideas and corporate gifting solutions to add a personal touch and boost your bottom line. 

How do I use this?

If you’ve already got an idea of the kind of corporate gift suggestions you need, fill us in with the quick form above. If not, consider your recipients. Are you sending a group of gifts for this month’s birthdays? Maybe you’re looking for an apology gift for clients who’ve recently had a complaint? Are you sending holiday gifts to employees?

Whatever your goals, figure out who your recipients are (or more importantly, what countries they’re in), and how much you have in the budget per gift (not including shipping).

Fill out the Corporate Gift Wizard above with the information you have, and click the big, green button. In just a few seconds it will generate business gift ideas for clients and employees. Choose your favorite gifts, and fill out the Bulk Order Form. Return it to

We’ll take care of your gift processing, packaging, and delivery in all the countries you need, and email you when each of your gifts is delivered.

Keep track of the behaviors of people who have received gifts! Did your employees become more engaged with you, or their jobs? Did they make more sales after receiving their gift? Did a customer who formerly had a complaint eventually order again? These are just a few ways you can begin to measure the success of your Corporate Gifting Campaigns. 

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