Substitution Policy

Gift Substitution Policy

In our quest to send the highest quality gifts to so many places around the world, we find ourselves dealing with – as you can imagine – lots of different countries, many different people, and a wide range of restrictions for delivery. But we strive to reduce these restrictions for you so you can send the finest gifts to any country exceptionally quickly. This is why occasionally you may find that minor substitutions have been made to your gift baskets when they arrive.

In order to honor your important deadlines – the last minute birthday, the almost-forgotten anniversary date, or the sudden business venture – and to keep things easy for you, we’ll use local vendors, who may have slightly different inventory, to ensure punctual delivery. Be assured, however, that we will never sacrifice the value of your gift basket or make a selection that’s markedly different from what you ordered, and you’ll still enjoy the great, easy service that provides.

Imagine, for instance, you’ve just remembered your boss’s birthday, and he’s currently in Massachusetts for business. So you hop over to and choose a premium wine gift from our website to be delivered to his hotel with a card. According to the law, alcohol cannot be shipped from outside of the state of Massachusetts; however, local vendors can ship it within the state. So, we’ll use one of our local vendors to put together your boss’s gift basket. Rest assured, though, your boss will receive wines of the same high quality that you ordered. If you decided on a collection of six premium red wines, then six high-quality red wines will appear in your boss’s hotel room, on his birthday.


Or imagine you’ve been so busy that you haven’t been able to get that present for your anniversary—you need a great gift sent to South Australia, and it has to get there tomorrow, no matter what. Normally, it would take four days to deliver to South Australia, but we know how important it is to be punctual. So we’ll have your gift delivered by one of our local vendors who can deliver your gift right on time, but we may have to make minor changes to the basket’s contents because we’re working with a slightly different inventory.

You should know that these kinds of situations are the exceptions rather than the rule, but they do occur occasionally, and we want to keep you informed every step of the way. We guarantee that no matter the situation, you and your recipient will be thrilled to send and receive exquisite gifts with ease, when you need them most.


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