Sending Gift Baskets to Ireland

Your Guide to Sending Gift Baskets to Ireland

Your Guide to Sending Gift Baskets to Ireland

Are you trying to figure out the best way to send a present to "The Emerald Isle"? We're here to help. No matter which occasion you're sending a gift for, there are a few gift-giving traditions in Ireland that you'll always want to keep in mind. It's customary to refuse a hospitality gift at least once. If you're giving a thank you gift, you should expect to try and offer it a second or third time. If the person offers you a gift three times, you should always accept on the third or you'll offend the giver. Fortunately, these traditions are usually set aside for gifts delivered by courier or by post.

Below you'll find everything from how to format an Irish address to what makes a good gift by occasion and recipient. From corporate and business gifts to something for Christmas, we make sending gifts to Ireland easy.

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Popular Corporate Gifts to Ireland

Unlike Asian and some other European countries, business transactions in Ireland do not always require or expect a follow-up gift, with some exceptions. If you just closed a deal and want to send business gifts to Ireland to get off to a good start, a gift tower with sweets or champagne are popular choices. Unlike in the USA, Ireland is almost completely Protestant or Catholic making Christmas-oriented presents most appropriate during the holidays. This means sending a poinsettia plant or Christmas oriented package is absolutely appropriate. The Irish love to celebrate. A bottle of champagne or wine (especially from your home country) makes a perfect option for renewed contracts, thanking your business partners for their hospitality or even to celebrate New Year's. Golf is also a part of the business culture. Many business deals are still cut while your partner is still under par. Sending a fun golf gift basket or something related like a club cover set is almost always a fun and welcomed option.

The Best Birthday Gift Ideas for Friends in Ireland

Beer, food and chocolate gift baskets are almost always a welcome sight, especially if they help someone celebrate. Multi-colored floral bouquets make great thank you or thinking of you gifts. Because Ireland has an abundance of rain and mist, the Island stays green year round. Incorporating vibrant green into the bouquet is a nod to the country's affectionate nickname. If you are close with the person or want to show respect, incorporate something meaningful or personal into the present. If you met at a restaurant and had something with fruit that stood out like a dessert, see if you can send preserves of that same fruit. If it was over a delicious coffee, a gourmet coffee basket could be a fun reminder. Maybe you met while on vacation at a beach. A nice book of beach photos from your town or country are all appropriate options

Should I Send a Gift on St. Patrick's Day? And Other Gift Giving Customs in Ireland

There are a lot of myths about Irish culture and St. Patrick's Day, so don't be the person sending a stereotypical gift when you're trying to celebrate the Luck of the Irish. The fact is, the American version of St. Patrick's Day is quite different from what you'll find in Ireland. What you need to know is that St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland, credited with converting the native Irish to Christianity, and with a number of miracles. The Irish celebration of the holiday is more focused on its religious roots.

In Ireland, there's no dyeing the water or the beer green! Rivers in Ireland are naturally a vibrant shade of sea green that is a far cry from the toxic-looking dye spread in America, and any Irish person worth their salt will tell you that dye has no place in beer. There's no corned beef either - that's an American tradition. But there are a number of parades on St. Patrick's Day in Ireland, people have the day off to relax (and most of them do just that), and it is a custom to pin a shamrock on your lapel - although it's more common for that shamrock to simply be a pin, rather than the real thing. Most importantly, St. Patrick's Day is really not a traditional gift-giving holiday, so unless you're invited to someone's home, gifts and small tokens of appreciation are not expected.

Instead, the most common gifting occasions in Ireland are actually:
  • Christmas
  • Birthdays
  • Weddings
  • Births & Baby Showers
When you're sending gifts for these occasions, remember these traditions from Irish culture, to make sure you don't end up sending an embarrassing faux pas: Giving a bouquet of lilies is never a good idea. They are used almost solely at funerals and during religious ceremonies. Red and white flowers or packaging can also mean blood and tears. Instead, for flowers try a colorful bouquet with lots of green plants and vibrant colors, and for packaging add pops of other festive hues.

How to write the Address for Delivery to Ireland?

A delivery address in Ireland is a bit different than in the USA. You'll want to make sure to fill out the following fields. If you're shipping the gift from within the EU, adding "IE" as a prefix to the town is required.

An example of an Irish Address would follow this order:
  • Recipient or Company Name
  • House Name (If applicable)
  • Street Number and Street Name
  • Prefix (If mailing from inside the EU), City or County, Country (If mailing from outside of the EU)


Mary Martin
The Luck House
33 Shamrock Street
IE Dublin 5

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