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Over The Top to Australia

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24 reviews

Spending all day in the kitchen planning and making treats for your big day out can leave you too tired to enjoy it. We have done the work for you, and created an assortment of snacks sure to please. Your recipient will receive a dizzying selection of snacks including creamy Camembert Cheese, Belgian Chocolates, tasty Macadamia and Chocolate Chip Cookies, Crepe Rolls, a box of Moorish Crunch, mouthwatering Chocolate Hazelnut Bonbons, Chili Spiced Corn Kernels, Caramel-coated Cashews, addictive Chocolate Coated Peanuts, and more. Prepare for a road trip, enjoy a vacation, or prepare for a family reunion with Over the Top.

Gift Contents:

- Box of grissini sticks 125 gr;
- Box of 'Belgian Butters' Crispy Crepe Rolls 80 gr;
-'Borlands' Macadamia and Choc Chip Cookies 75 gr;
- Box of 'Tuckers' Gourmet Caramelized Onion Crackers 100 gr;
- Box of 'Ferrero Rocher' Chocolates 200 gr;
-'Rosenborg' Camembert Cheese 125 gr;
- Tub of chilli spiced corn kernels 100 gr;
- Box of 'Moorish' Cashews;
-'Snax with Attitude' french vanilla coated peanuts and almonds 75 gr;
- Tub of chocolate coated peanuts 200 gr;
- Jar of Pukara Estate's premium dukkah 100 gr;
- Box of 3 Guylian chocolate sea shells;
- Gift Wrapping;
- Greeting Card.

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Reviews: Over The Top

"Giftbasketsoverseas constantly keeps you updated, and uses secure methods to ensure the basket gets to the destination. There is a wide assortment of gifts from which to choose at whatever price range you need. They deliver quickly, let you know if there may be a delay, and follow up to ensure your satisfaction."

Reviewed by Anthony K -
Rating: 4.8
San Fernando, Philippines

"I ordered a Christmas basket for a relative in Italy, as it was close to Christmas I was concerned that it would not be there on delivery date, as it turn out it was delivered the morning after the requested date, however I was aware that it might be a little late as it was stated on the order page. I am very satisfied with the service and my relative was very happy with the basket. I will certainly use this service again."

Reviewed by Franca -
Rating: 5

"The recepient of the birthday gift reported to me that the basket was very tastefully arranged and the person who called to announce the delivery was really polite, and so was the deliverer. The gift was delivered at the exact ordered date. This is a very convenient and time-saving service. Thank you. "

Reviewed by Sandra -
Rating: 4.5
Jacksonville FL, USA