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To Grandmothers

To Grandmothers to Brazil

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Preparing to travel to visit family always involves a game of Tetris in the car. We have put together a basket of treats that you can send ahead of you, so you don't worry if you're a little off-schedule. Your family will enjoy a bottle of fine Red Wine (750ml), crisp White Wine (750ml), French Duck Pate (90 g), Lindt Chocolate Bar (100 g), 2 tempting French Jams (60 g), a delicious Cheese (125 g), sweet Lindt Milk Chocolate Truffles (150g), crisp Crackers Kalassi (100g), and more until you arrive. Spoil your family, thank the office, or impress your guests with To Grandmother's.

Gift Contents:

- Bottle of red wine 750 ml;
- Chilean white wine Estacio 750 ml;
- Parmesan chips Bon Gouter 100 gr;
- Crackers Kalassi 100 gr;
- French foie gras duck pate Feyel 90 gr;
- Cheese Brie or Camembert Bonjour de France 125 gr;
- Ferrero Rocher chocolates 100 gr;
- Pringles Chips 40 gr;
- Lindt Chocolate Milk Truffles 150 gr;
- 70% Cocoa Dark Chocolate Lindt 100 gr;
- Lindt Cresta chocolate bar 100 gr;
- Scottish Walker Shortbread 100 gr;
- 2 berry jams Bonne Maman 60 gr;
- Gift basket;
- Gift Wrapping;
- Greeting Card.

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Reviews: To Grandmothers

"Last night I got a confirmation that the recipient received the cake and greeting card. I'm so glad that you solved the problem. I was considering for the next year to look for another company, but as you took care about the reported issue, surely I will come back to you for your services. Thanks a lot. Keep doing a good service, and take care of this kind of issues for future customers."

Reviewed by Gabriela A -
Rating: 4.3
Guadalajara, Mexico