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103 items found

C is for Chocolate to UK

ID: 779

$94.95 USD

Chocolate Lover Deluxe Gift Set with Veuve Clicquot to UK

ID: 12000091

$559.95 USD

Chocoholic Surprise Gift Set to UK

ID: 12000080

$154.95 USD

Chocolate Lovers Delight Holiday Basket to UK

ID: 11000073

$359.95 USD

Gold Sampler by Godiva to UK

ID: 697

$124.95 USD

Classic Truffles Extraordinaire to UK

ID: 466

$69.95 USD

Thorntons Chocolates Classics gift set 300 g to UK

ID: 115

$49.95 USD

Chocoholics Surprise to UK

ID: 994

$199.95 USD

Choice Pick to UK

ID: 1035

$249.95 USD

Trifecta to UK

ID: 1039

$174.95 USD

White Seduction to UK

ID: 1040

$169.95 USD

Blushing to UK

ID: 1041

$119.95 USD

I Give You All to UK

ID: 1042

$69.95 USD

Save $5.00

Classic Bordeaux and Biscuits Gift Basket to UK

ID: 439

$79.95  $74.95 USD

Save $10.00

Essence of Madrid to UK

ID: 927

$119.95  $109.95 USD

Our Favorites From Oxfam to UK

ID: 50208

$149.95 USD

Save $15.00

Festive Gift Tower to UK

ID: 462

$124.95  $109.95 USD

Pure Elegance Gift Set to UK

ID: 435

$109.95 USD

Luxurious Sweet Christmas Gift Set to UK

ID: 12000078

$229.95 USD

Sweetest of Treats Gift Basket to UK

ID: 461

$94.95 USD

A Holiday Feast Gift Basket to UK

ID: 791

$129.95 USD

Height of Gourmet Goodness to UK

ID: 817

$244.95 USD

Winter Holiday in France to UK

ID: 786

$99.95 USD

Buttercream Truffles to UK

ID: 931

$109.95 USD

Red Wine and Pralines to UK

ID: 471

$79.95 USD

Sweet Tooth Dream Collection to UK

ID: 848

$74.95 USD

Fruit and Chocolate Gift Basket to UK

ID: 480

$84.95 USD

Fruit and Chocolate Deluxe to UK

ID: 152

$119.95 USD

Delicious Simplicity to UK

ID: 100000417

$89.95 USD

Holly and Ivy Holiday Gift Basket to UK

ID: 944

$339.95 USD

Fruit and Sweets Gourmet Assortment to UK

ID: 20000050

$184.95 USD

Gourmet Goodies and Sweet Snuggles to UK

ID: 50118

$229.95 USD

Christmas Sweet Mood Booster with Veuve Clicquot to UK

ID: 12000085

$344.95 USD

Chocolate Lover Deluxe Gift Set to UK

ID: 12000081

$359.95 USD

Spoil Them Gift Basket to UK

ID: 495

$174.95 USD

Ultimate Gourmet Party Gift Box to UK

ID: 444

$319.95 USD

Celebrate Festivity to UK

ID: 789

$119.95 USD

The Christmas Rose to UK

ID: 797

$199.95 USD

Bear and Bubbly Gift Set to UK

ID: 536

$134.95 USD

Oxfam Christmas Classics to UK

ID: 997

$154.95 USD

Memorable Moments to UK

ID: 469

$134.95 USD

Distinguished Delights to UK

ID: 468

$99.95 USD

Loving Celebrations to UK

ID: 100000412

$69.95 USD

Cuddles and Romance to UK

ID: 100000409

$69.95 USD

Deluxe Godiva Valentines Assortment to UK

ID: 609

$129.95 USD

Unforgettable to UK

ID: 100000396

$99.95 USD

Exotic Fruit and Chocolate Selections to UK

ID: 153

$184.95 USD

Thorntons Chocolates Premium Classics gift set 630 g to UK

ID: 116

$54.95 USD

Save $5.00

Cuddly and Sweet Surprise to UK

ID: 880

$64.95  $59.95 USD

Thorntons Chocolates Deluxe Continental gift set to UK

ID: 109

$89.95 USD

Breakfast at Tiffanys to UK

ID: 6697

$169.95 USD

Tasty Smiles to UK

ID: 299

$199.95 USD

Thorntons Chocolates I love Chocolate hamper gift set to UK

ID: 117

$99.95 USD

Everything for Celebration to UK

ID: 799

$0.95 USD

Double the Decadence Gift Basket to UK

ID: 939

$449.95 USD

Cabernet and Chocolate Gift Set to UK

ID: 853

$59.95 USD

Save $10.00

Layers of Chocolate to UK

ID: 993

$179.95  $169.95 USD

You Wont Believe Your Eyes Gift Basket to UK

ID: 463

$519.95 USD

Nothing Could Be Finer to UK

ID: 958

$244.95 USD

A Toast to Mom to UK

ID: 272

$99.95 USD

Big Birthday Wishes to UK

ID: 844

$114.95 USD

Valentines Chic to UK

ID: 100000410

$84.95 USD

Save $10.00

Soft Touch to UK

ID: 963

$134.95  $124.95 USD

Divine Chocolate company - Sweet treats assortment to UK

ID: 149

$144.95 USD

Sweetly Spirited to UK

ID: 956

$779.95 USD

Sweet Tooth Indulgence with Chardonnay to UK

ID: 12000094

$479.95 USD

Thorntons Chocolates Continental 300 g boxed gift set to UK

ID: 107

$69.95 USD

Glemnmorangie Goodness to UK

ID: 941

$389.95 USD

Breakfast In Bed Gift Set to UK

ID: 261

$99.95 USD

Al fresco to UK

ID: 634

$69.95 USD

Elegant Statement to UK

ID: 640

$144.95 USD

Chic Christmas to UK

ID: 996

$179.95 USD

Beary Sweet Surprise to UK

ID: 883

$74.95 USD

Sweets in Style to UK

ID: 1086

$69.95 USD

Savor the Spirit to UK

ID: 955

$654.95 USD

Ale Affair to UK

ID: 969

$124.95 USD

Tea Time at Easter to UK

ID: 271

$89.95 USD

Chardonnay and Truffles for Mom to UK

ID: 273

$64.95 USD

Its a Girl Gift Set to UK

ID: 290

$69.95 USD

Temptation to UK

ID: 635

$69.95 USD

Memories of Baby Girl Basket to UK

ID: 833

$89.95 USD

He is Here Basket to UK

ID: 838

$99.95 USD

The Goodness of Godiva and Cava to UK

ID: 978

$289.95 USD

Save $30.00

A Touch Of The Bubbly to UK

ID: 990

$639.95  $609.95 USD

Save $50.00

An Exquisite Pair to UK

ID: 998

$929.95  $879.95 USD

Luxury Gourmet Hamper to UK

ID: 100000370

$0.95 USD

Sweet Tooth Indulgence with Veuve Clicquot to UK

ID: 12000093

$589.95 USD

Sweet, Fresh, And Sparkling to UK

ID: 581

$159.95 USD

Everything But the Kitchen Sink Holiday Gift Basket to UK

ID: 464

$954.95 USD

Nouveau Chocolate Collection to UK

ID: 148

$159.95 USD

Thorntons Chocolates Continental 490 g Belgium gift set to UK

ID: 108

$84.95 USD

Congratulations Bouquet and Gifts to UK

ID: 727

$139.95 USD

Sabbath Celebration to UK

ID: 807

$299.95 USD

Kosher Sweets to UK

ID: 809

$149.95 USD

Save $5.00

Cava From the Heart to UK

ID: 1002

$134.95  $129.95 USD

Heart Full of Sweetness to UK

ID: 1004

$179.95 USD

Wine and Snack Palette to UK

ID: 295

$284.95 USD

Discovery of Taste to UK

ID: 296

$279.95 USD

Classy Duo to UK

ID: 639

$134.95 USD

All The Chocolate to UK

ID: 1010

$174.95 USD

Mr. Bear and Friends to UK

ID: 1102

$139.95 USD

Keep It Kosher to UK

ID: 1043

$369.95 USD

Save $25.00

Welcome Surprise to UK

ID: 1048

$289.95  $264.95 USD

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  "I ordered 3 Halloween hampers & was amazed at how wonderful they were. I am in London/UK & ordered them for delivery into the USA... the whole process & delivery went without a problem. Thank you so much!"
Maria Yianni - London, UK - Dec 18, 2012

"Giftbasketsoverseas constantly keeps you updated, and uses secure methods to ensure the basket gets to the destination. There is a wide assortment of gifts from which to choose at whatever price range you need. They deliver quickly, let you know if there may be a delay, and follow up to ensure your satisfaction."
Anthony K - San Fernando, Philippines - Dec 19, 2013

"I am so impressed with the service. Was punctual and they did everything they could to make it on time. They even went out of their way when the phone number was not working to try other means to contact the recipient. Will always use this company for my international and local gifts. I strongly recommend this company to everyone I know that is looking for gift delivery or any other service they provide."
Ben Mason - New York, NY - Jan 7, 2013

"I work for a company with international clients. I called to confirm the quality and contents of the gift basket, submitted an order on a Friday and it was delivered in Korea early Tuesday morning. Excellent communication through the whole process. They even called me to confirm that the credit card I used on the order was mine! "
Elizabeth - Ottawa, Canada - Dec 22, 2009

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