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It’s Easy to Send Gifts to Ocala, Florida, USA

Need to send a romantic gift to Ocala, Florida? Or perhaps you’re looking for a spa gift to pamper mom for Mother’s Day? No matter the occasion, gift delivery to Ocala, Florida has never been easier. Gift Baskets Overseas international network of gift delivery experts brings you a huge selection of gifts, made to order and delivered to Ocala, Florida fast.

Gift Baskets Overseas has specialized in gift delivery to Ocala, Florida (and other locations in The USA) for more than ten years, and we bring all that experience to every single order. We know you need flexibility, so we offer over a dozen ways to pay. We know you don’t want your recipient to have to pay anything, so we make every gift to order – right in the country of delivery. No border crossing means no hidden customs or duties fees.

Most importantly, we know how important your gifts are to you, and that’s why we also make sure you can reach our gift specialists any time of the day or night, any day of the year. Not sure how to write the address in Ocala, Florida? We can help. Maybe you just want to make sure your gift is extra special? We can do that too. Nothing should stop you from being generous, so let us help you deliver a gift to Ocala, Florida today.

Ocala, FL Gift Basket Service

Earliest Delivery Time In Ocala, FL
in 1 business day
Flat Delivery Fee
$ 16.00 (USD)
Current Time In Ocala, FL
07:51 AM (Feb 23)
We deliver to any address in Ocala, FL
Save $ 20.00 (USD) today
ID: 1278
$ 109.95
ID: 1650
$ 49.95
ID: 1279
$ 64.95
ID: 1424
$ 79.95
ID: 1435
$ 149.95
ID: 1158
$ 49.95

How to write Addresses for packages to Ocala, Florida USA?

A complete address in the United States will look like this:

  • Ms. Elizabeth Dorne
  • c/o Your Favorite Company
  • 2473 Every Street Dr.
  • Apt. 24
  • Ocala, Florida, 34470, USA
  • Recipient’s Name
  • Office or Company (for corporate gifts)
  • Street Address
  • 2nd portion of address (optional)
  • City, State, and postal code

But remember, not everything on the list above is absolutely necessary. Here are the most fundamental parts of an American address. First: the recipient’s first and last name appear at the top. Include suffixes like ‘Jr.” or middle initials if more than one person in a household have the same name. Second, write out the complete street address on the next line. You may not have anything for a second address line below that. That’s okay, it’s usually reserved for apartment or suite numbers. Finally, the city, state, and zip code belong on the last line. So, the short form address to America should be written like this:

Mrs. Elizabeth Dorne
2473 Every Street Dr.
Ocala, Florida, 34470, USA

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- Take a look at our Ocala, Florida, USA catalog.
- Get in touch with a gift specialist.
- Read our blog for gift traditions and inspiration.
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