Meet Maria Blacher

Meet Maria Blacher!

Maria's ever-present energy and positivity helps keep our entire Customer Service team on track and providing the best help in the world. From motivating the team with great conversation and encouragement during the busy season to making sure every customer who needs it gets personal attention, Maria exemplifies the human touch and generosity that makes GBO what it is.

Meet Maria Blacher

Tell us about yourself. What's interesting or fun about you? What do you love to do and why?

If I am not at work, it usually means I am at the theater. I am a huge theater junkie. There is some particular magic that attracts me to it. Nothing can beat that feeling of excitement when you are sitting in an audience waiting for a play or a musical to start. When I travel to other cities or countries, the first thing I do is check the current season's show schedule at the local theater. One day, I wish to take part in the musical "Fiddler on the Roof", but I am terrible at singing, so the only thing I can do is to torture my family by singing it in the shower.

What are your favorite holidays?

Halloween! Because hey, who doesn't like tons of free candies from strangers?! It is the only time to dress up in ridiculous costumes without looking crazy.

What are your favorite products in the GBO catalog?

C is for cookies! I adore all our gift baskets with cookies! To me, nothing can be better than Oreos coated with chocolate that melts in your mouth. Those are delicious and will always be appreciated by anyone.


Festive Oreos delivered in USA


What do you wish customers knew when they call in?

I wish every customer knew that we are always here to help them! If you are 80 years old, don't really know how to use a computer but urgently need to send a gift to your grandkids - we will place the order for you on the phone, just tell us all the details! If your girlfriend is super mad at you (and there is a reason for that!) we will be happy to help you find the way back to her heart with an amazing gift. 24/7 we are online and ready to assist you.


Since you're so awesome and talented, and could clearly work anywhere, what makes you love working at

GBO is constantly growing, and I enjoy being a part of it! You can be anything you want here, your new ideas are always encouraged and tried out.

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