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Get to Know Julia Erina!

When it comes to working hard and finding a product in a country you didn’t know exists, Julia Erina is the lady for the job. From her beginnings as a Customer Support Representative, Julia has worked her way up with talent and dedication to the position of Manager of Supplier Relations. That means she’s the one in charge of making sure you can send that special gift even in the remotest parts of the world. And - with's strict quality assurance measures - her team make sure every gift, package, and delivery goes off without a hitch - every day.

Tell us about yourself. What's interesting or fun about you? What do you love to do and why?

I’ve worked for for more than four years. I have my Master of Arts in English, and that combined with my experience in the Customer Support Department has helped me develop my communication skills and ability to understand customers’ needs. Now, I get to use my skills and experience to enlarge our online catalog, to increase the number of our serviced countries, and to monitor the performance of our regional offices to ensure a high level of service. I love my work at GBO. In my spare time I read books; I like to skate in winter and ride a bike in summer. And of course, I am fond of traveling, meeting new people, and learning foreign languages. This work allows me to travel, to learn about new cultures, and to meet people every day. It’s always interesting.

What are your favorite holidays?

My favorite holidays are Women's Day, Mother's Day and, of course, Christmas! Women's Day is celebrated around the world, but it’s most popular as a romantic holiday in Russia and CIS countries. It’s truly a day to celebrate all the women in your life. On this day, every woman receives flowers and gifts from her colleagues, friends, and loved ones. This is truly the most beautiful day of the year! It is filled with sunlight, smiles, and the bright colors of spring!

What are your favorite products in the GBO catalog?

My favorite products on the GBO catalog are the ones that you can customize. I like letting the customer make a gift more personal, and I think it means a lot to the recipient. Although these gifts need to be ordered in advance and require special care and attention at our end, I am proud that we can offer our customers the opportunity to create something really special for their loved ones and important corporate contacts.


Merry Sparkles Gift Basket to USADelicious Gratitude Gift Basket to USAMother's Day Tea and Cookies Gift Basket to USA

What do you wish customers knew when they call in?

This is what I think customers should keep in mind when they call in: We are able to deliver anywhere in the world, and we hand-pick the suppliers of every single product we sell, in every region where it is sold. Our suppliers are held to the highest quality standards. We listen and respond to every single customer inquiry. That's why there is nothing impossible for us!


Since you're so awesome and talented, and could clearly work anywhere, what makes you love working at

I am proud to be a member of such a great multi-cultural team that helps people to spread emotions across the oceans. I am happy to state that thanks to my team, we are able to deliver anywhere in 180 countries worldwide and we are going to keep on growing.

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