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Turn Their Head Gift Basket

Turn Their Head Gift Basket to Argentina

$349.95 USD  

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70 reviews

They'll look twice when this overflowing gift basket arrives at their door. Business associates, family, friends, and VIPs will be thrilled to receive this eye-popping corporate hamper that's overflowing with sweet and savory treats sure to tempt any palate. They'll enjoy Pretzels, gourmet Mustard, Dark Chocolate Bars, Chocolate Cookies, Dried Fruit and Nut Mix, Milk Chocolate Mints, Cheddar Cheese, Natural Vanilla Cookies, Summer Sausage, Chocolate Covered Cherries, Mixed Nuts, and much more! There's more than enough here to share with an entire department or office, or just enough to make a huge impression on an important person. Whether it's the holidays, a celebration of success, an important birthday, or any occasion where people are gathering, you can't go wrong when you send the Turn Their Head Gift Basket.

PLEASE NOTE: Basket shape & design, fruit selection & product brands may vary based on local availability at delivery location.

Gift Contents:

- Chocolate Cookies 180 gr;
- Pretzels 180 gr;
- Honey Mustard (or French Mustard) 240 gr;
- Salted Peanuts 210 gr;
- Dark Chocolate Bar 100 gr;
- Dried Fruit and Nut Mix 120 gr;
- Chocolate Cherries 70 gr;
- Chocolate Wafer Rolls 150 gr;
- Potato Chips Premium 180 gr;
- Mixed Salted Nuts 240 gr;
- Sweet Peanuts 100 gr;
- Gourmet Crackers 150 gr;
- Cheddar Cheese 120 gr;
- Milk Chocolate Mints 50 gr;
- Chocolate Wafers 270 gr;
- Mixed Nuts 350 gr;
- Sausage 200 gr;
- Peanuts 280 gr;
- Dark Chocolate Pretzels 55 gr;
- Milk Chocolate Pretzels 40 gr;
- Chocolate-Covered Cookies 200 gr;
- Shortbread Cookies 170 gr;
- Gourmet Sandwich Cookies or Chocolate-Dipped Cookies 255 gr;
- Chocolate Covered Nuts 55 gr;
- Chocolate Covered Pretzels 170 gr;
- Gourmet Jams or Jellies 140 gr;
- Gift Wrapping;
- Greeting Card.

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Reviews: Turn Their Head Gift Basket

"I could not be more satisfied with the service of My daughter is studying a semester abroad and I came across an article about sending gifts overseas. Valentine's Day was approaching and I was at a loss of what to do. I had just recently sent documents via the U.S. mail and it took 22 days to get there! What would a gift package take! I decided to try I ordered some items. I explained that my daughter was in a dorm via chat and not only was given direction via the chat on how to send to her, but also was contacted by the person I chatted with to confirm everything. Then my daughter had a change in plans and I needed to get the gifts to her before the scheduled delivery. I contacted and asked if there was any way possible to have the items delivered that day. They said they would try and would let me know if they succeeded. Well, they succeeded and my daughter was thrilled with the gifts. The personal attention to my order, the quality of the gifts and their help in accelerating the delivery exceeded any expectations I had. Colleges should include this site in their informational packages for parents of students studying abroad."

Reviewed by Lana T -
Rating: 4.1
Lords Valley PA, USA

"My parents live in Israel. My dad did not feel well recently so I decided to send him a gift basket. It was a bit tricky finding a company that delivers to Israel, as I did not want to send just flowers and chocolates. I recently had a bad experience on Valentine's day with another service my boyfriend used, so I took care to do ample research on the net. I found and chose the luxury wine and cheese basket. They were so professional and called me within a few hours to verify that I indeed put in the order. My parents got the basket right on time, and were basically knocked off their feet by it's beauty and luxury. So worth it! I will always use this company for future orders. It's so important when it's a gift for you loved ones! Highly recommend this experience for anyone who want to send a gift basket. The variety is also amazing with regards to options on their website. "

Reviewed by Oranit -
Rating: 4.4

"I ordered a gift basket at Xmas. It was lovely and just as it looked online. I am in Australia and had delivered to USA. Very good service and phone validation. Will be using you again."

Reviewed by Sue Tame -
Rating: 4.2