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The Moon and The Stars Chocolate Favorites

The Moon and The Stars Chocolate Favorites to Japan APO FPO

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Chocolate is the breakfast of champions! Your favorite fighter will undoubtedly be glad to receive The Moon and The Stars Chocolate Favorites. The set includes delectable Golden Walnut Chocolate Fudge Filled Shortbread Cookies, rich Mocha Chocolate Truffles, mouthwatering Gourmet Chewy Chocolate Brownies, and much more - skillfully arranged in a lovely reusable basket! Enjoy!

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Reviews: The Moon and The Stars Chocolate Favorites

"I could not be more satisfied with the service of My daughter is studying a semester abroad and I came across an article about sending gifts overseas. Valentine's Day was approaching and I was at a loss of what to do. I had just recently sent documents via the U.S. mail and it took 22 days to get there! What would a gift package take! I decided to try I ordered some items. I explained that my daughter was in a dorm via chat and not only was given direction via the chat on how to send to her, but also was contacted by the person I chatted with to confirm everything. Then my daughter had a change in plans and I needed to get the gifts to her before the scheduled delivery. I contacted and asked if there was any way possible to have the items delivered that day. They said they would try and would let me know if they succeeded. Well, they succeeded and my daughter was thrilled with the gifts. The personal attention to my order, the quality of the gifts and their help in accelerating the delivery exceeded any expectations I had. Colleges should include this site in their informational packages for parents of students studying abroad."

Reviewed by Lana T -
Rating: 4.8
Lords Valley PA, USA