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Seasons Eatings

Seasons Eatings to Australia

$219.95 USD  

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17 reviews

If the way to their heart is through their stomach, then this season, we'd like to ply you with this tempting bundle of treats. We're positive their affections will be won over by Pinot Chardonnay (750ml); Danish Brie; Dark Chocolate and Orange Sticks; a Christmas Fruit Cake; a rich assortment of Milk and Dark Chocolates; and even more we've run out of room to mention. This basket is a true Lothario. Wrapped with a Gift Card and Ribbon, the Seasons Eatings basket is sure to capture even the Grinchiest of hearts.

Please note: Glass is not included.

Gift Contents:

- Hope Estate Australian Sparkling Pinot Chardonnay 750 ml;
- Whittings Individually Baked Christmas Fruit Cake 500 gr;
- Carrs Crispy Table Water Crackers 125 gr;
- Greek Thyme & Parsley Marinated Olives 30 gr;
- Millicent Grove Tomato & Herb Chutney 150 ml;
- Millicent Grove Australian Red Wine Mustard 150 ml;
- Rosenborg Mild Danish Brie 125 gr;
- Macadamias Coated in Milk Chocolate 100 gr;
- Boronie Classic Dark Chocolate & Orange Sticks 75 gr;
- Campbells Scottish Petticoat Shortbread Tails 125 gr;
- Herb & Spice Christmas Wish Fortune Cookies 36 gr;
- Chocolatier Indulgent Milk & Dark Chocolate Assortment 40 gr;
- 4 Ferrero Rocher Chocolates;
- Christmas Toffees;
- Basket;
- Gift Wrapping;
- Greeting Card.

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Reviews: Seasons Eatings

"Mike called me today, all emotional and showed me the basket over Skype. He just returned from his business trip in NYC and found the gift at his door steps! I selected the exact gift he wanted, he is happy as a kid. Thank you!"

Reviewed by Irina -
Rating: 4.6
Moscow, Russia

"Best Service Ever! Our son is in Spain for a semester and got quite sick - had to take himself to the hospital, get antibiotics, had no one to take care of him. So I found Gift Baskets Overseas online, ordered a healthy breakfast basket, paid with PayPal and crossed my fingers that it wasn't a scam. Not only is it legitimate, but when I didn't have a landline to give them for him they tracked one down (and sent it to me so I'd have it too) and when I gave them an incomplete address (because that's all I had), they tracked that down too. My son got his basket and I'm amazed that service like this still exists. Awesome, awesome, awesome. "

Reviewed by Betsy B -
Rating: 4.2
Arlington MA, USA

"I wanted to send a gift to my boyfriend in UK and am in one of those developing countries where the use electronic payment system is not available to pay online with a credit card, and my bf's birthday was on Saturday. I googled a weekend delivery facility and thanks God I found Giftbasketoverseas. I sent an email to them seeking confirmation that they would deliver on saturday and got a confiration response in the next 5 min... I was like waouwwwww... what a professional customer service! When order time came I wondered how will I pay? I went through their website and found offline payment methods suitable to my location, -a wire transfer to their bank account or western Union money transfer. I sent the cash via western union and communicated to them MCTN, they collected the cash then asked me for details of my order.. they created it.... The basket was delivered on the right day and at the correct location, my boyfriend was speechless when he received it... I really appreciated the professionalism of the service... Great!"

Reviewed by UWERA M. -
Rating: 4.9