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Rugged Cowboy Basket

Rugged Cowboy Basket to Israel

$149.95 USD  

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13 reviews

This rustic basket is filled with classics fitting for the rugged man who offers no pretenses. Our gift includes:
Robust Barkan Zamora Classic White Wine, Splendid Milk chocolate bar, Osem Chocolate filled chocolate chip cookies, Yad Mordechai all natural Wildflower Honey, Aroma agglomerated instant Coffee, Tortit Chocolate coated wafer bar, filled with almond cream. Elite brand goods: Delicious mini milk chocolate, white chocolate, and bittersweet chocolate bars, Mini Pesek-Zman wafer in sumptuous milk chocolate, White Chocolate with cookies, Milk chocolate bar with hazelnuts, Crispy Coated chocolate buttons.

These items are prepared under strict supervision of one or more of the following:
Badatz-Chatam Sofer, Badatz - Haeda Hacharedit, Kosher Lmehadrin -Harav Moshe Charlap, Kosher Mhadrin min Hamehadrin.

Gift Contents:

- Barkan Zmora Classic White Wine 750 ml;
- All natural handmade Soap from Noveya 110 gr;
- 'Splendid' milk chocolate 216 gr;
- Osem Chocolate filled Chocolate Chip Cookies 220 gr;
- Gourmet milk,white & bittersweet chocolate bars mini 90 gr;
- Gourmet pesek-zman classic-waffer in milk chocolate mini 200 gr;
- Aroma agglomerated instant Coffee 85 gr;
- Yad Mordechai all natural Wildflower Honey 140 gr;
- Gourmet White Chocolate with Cookies 100 gr;
- Gourmet Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts 100 gr;
- Gourmet Crispy Coated Chocolate Buttons 100 gr;
- Pesek-Zman waffer in milk chocolate 45 gr;
- Click crispy nougat bar with white & milk chocolate 45 gr;
- Tortit coated waffer with almond cream 45 gr;
- Basket;
- Gift Wrapping;
- Greeting Card.

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Reviews: Rugged Cowboy Basket

"I had ordered the 'Spa day for him' gift basket to be delivered to my fiance on his birthday in Germany. I wanted it to be a surprise for him. It was delivered on time and he was totally taken by surprise! :) Everything from placing me the order to him receiving it on time was hassle free! Thank you! Will surely recommened this! :)"

Reviewed by Shreya -
Rating: 4.5

"For a long time, I searched a website to send a gift to my friend in China. Finally, I found this one with excellent reviews. Well, I am not deceived : excellent service, reliable, recommended 100% and my friend was delighted. For sure, I will use their services another time."

Reviewed by Liudmila -
Rating: 4.3
Novocherkassk, Russia

"We were recipients of the basket for Christmas and have really enjoyed it all! The food is very tasty and fresh quality. We are enjoying the wine also! All very enjoyable! "

Reviewed by Barbara -
Rating: 4.4
Texas, USA