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Perfect Pasta to Greece

$99.95 USD  

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Pasta is a wonderfully versatile food, ready for sauces, stews, or just herbs. Our experts have put together a variety to help them explore their creativity. Your recipient will receive Flomaria Pasta (400 g), dainty Orzo Pasta with Buffalo's Milk (400 g), curly Tagliatelle with Tomato (500 g), inviting Frumenty Soup with Vegetables (130g), and so much more. Stock your kitchen, send a care package, or thank a friend with Perfect Pasta.

Gift Contents:

- ''Hrysafis'' flomaria pasta from Lemnos 400 gr;
- ''Ano Poroia'' orzo pasta with buffalos milk 400 gr;
- ''Chiotiko Kelari'' curly tagliatelle with tomato 500 gr;
- ''Chiotiko Kelari'' tri-colour striftaria pasta 500 gr;
- ''Goumenisses'' frumenty soup with vegetables 130 gr;
- ''Simply Greek'' tomato-thyme sauce 280 gr;
- ''Santo'' tomato sauce with vinsanto wine 280 gr;
- Gift hamper;
- Gift Wrapping;
- Greeting Card.

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Reviews: Perfect Pasta

"I am extremely happy ! The order I placed was delivered today to my family in Tuscany ! This was the first time I dealt with so I was a little reluctant, but very hopeful it will work. They delivered it promptly, just as requested, today, at the right address of my brother's house. I think they were too thrilled about it and decided to check it later so they did not notice my card, I will check again with them tomorrow, for it's got its rightful place: under the Christmas tree along with the rest of the gifts ! :) "

Reviewed by Mara B. -
Rating: 4.5