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Only the Best Gift Selection

Only the Best Gift Selection to Australia

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Starting a new chapter in your life should always be done with your best foot forward. Our experts have put together a basket that will help you celebrate those adventures. Your recipient will receive a delicious bottle of Red Wine, a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, tempting Macadamia Shortbread Cookies, gourmet Coffee Dessert Crackers, crispy Chocolate Wafer Rolls, French Vanilla Coated Peanuts and Almonds, colorful Jelly Beans, chewy Caramel Fudge, spicy Chili Corn Kernels, salty Cashew Nuts, Belgian Chocolates, and more. Get started in your new home, reward your best friend, or thank your team with Only The Best.

Gift Contents:

- Lakeview Shiraz Red Wine;
- Lakeview Semillon Sauvignon Blanc;
- 'Borlands' Macadamia Shortbread Cookies 125 gr;
- Box of 'Tuckers' Gourmet Coffee Dessert Crackers 100 gr;
- Box of premium quality chocolate wafer rolls 75 gr;
-'Snax with Attitude' french vanilla coated peanuts and almonds 75 gr;
- Box of 'Moorish' caramel coated premium Australian cashews;
- Box of 'Jelly Belly' assorted jelly beans 150 gr;
- Box of 'Gran's' Caramel Fudge 80 gr;
- Tub of chilli spiced corn kernels 100 gr;
- Snack bag of select salted cashew nuts;
- Box of 3 'Guylian' chocolate sea shells;
- 5 pack of 'Ferrero Rocher' chocolates;
- Gift crate;
- Gift Wrapping;
- Greeting Card.

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Reviews: Only the Best Gift Selection

"I'm a speechless! All I can say is Excellent service. It was my first time to use and I'm truly satisfied by the great service and the on-time delivery. My wife who lives in Abu Dhabi, UAE is more than happy to see the unexpected gift for her birthday from me and that makes me happy too!"

Reviewed by Farhan -
Rating: 4.9
Dublin, Ireland

"Thank you so much for being able to deliver the gift basket we ordered, especially as it was such short notice. Our friend is only staying at this address for a few more days, so it was important that it arrived on time. Much appreciated. Viv Drummond"

Reviewed by Vivienne D -
Rating: 4.6
Victoria, Australia

"I gave a very short notice on my order. Giving them less than 2 business days and wanting it delivered on the weekend. Between those two facts, I figured my package wouldn't be on time. But I was pleasantly surprised to realize it arrived exactly when I wanted it to! The service is fantastic and ill definitely be using them again. "

Reviewed by Austin -
Rating: 4.9