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More Than Enough

More Than Enough to Israel

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2 reviews

We always worry about getting our families the right things, or enough of them. With this basket, you'll wonder if they will have room for it all. Your family will enjoy a fine bottle of Wine, Achva Tahini, delicious Almond Butter, a jar of Olives, sweet Pomegranate Syrup, Honey, Olive Oil, decedent Chocolate Perlins, and so much more. Send your love this Holiday, welcome them home, or stock your own snack drawer with More Than Enough.

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Reviews: More Than Enough

"We are really impressed by your service and prompt delivery and our family in the UK are to quote "extremely grateful for their lovely gift" Cheers"

Reviewed by Jeff Colley -
Rating: 4.4
Perth, Western Australia

"We were recipients of the basket for Christmas and have really enjoyed it all! The food is very tasty and fresh quality. We are enjoying the wine also! All very enjoyable! "

Reviewed by Barbara -
Rating: 4.3
Texas, USA