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Everything But the Kitchen Sink Holiday Gift Basket

Everything But the Kitchen Sink Holiday Gift Basket to Isle Of Man

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This basket's bursting at the seams! Your recipient won't know where to begin when you send this mountain of great flavors right to their door this holiday season. Show your love with a sumptuous spread of savory delights including Finest English Blue Stilton in a Jar, Wensleydale with Mango & Orange, Roast Smoked Belgian Ham, Sliced Smoked Venison, Smoked Sliced Duck, Smoked Chicken Breast, Chicken Liver Pate with Spiced Chilli, Epicure Salmon Pate, Sliced Smoked Salmon, and more. You'll let them see your sweet side with Iced Christmas Cake, Raspberry Cocoa Dusted Truffles, Dark Chocolate Pastilles, and many others as well as an assortment of decadent condiments including Dark Chocolate Dipping Sauce, Barbeque Sauce, Lime & Basil Mayonnaise, just to name a few. And to make sure everyone can lift their glasses an make a toast we've included a bottle each of Autreau Roualet Brut Champagne, Harvey's Bristol Cream Sherry, Chateau Grandefont Bordeaux, Rosemount Founders Selection Chardonnay, and a robust assortment of Coffee and Tea. Regardless of the occasion or the recipient, they'll never forget the Everything But the Kitchen Sink Holiday Gift Basket.

Gift Contents:

- Autreau Roualet Brut NV Champagne 750 ml;
- Harveys Bristol Cream Sherry 750 ml;
- Chateau Grandefont Bordeaux 750 ml;
- Rosemount Founders Selection Chard 750 ml;
- Annas Original Cappucinno Thins 150 gr;
- Farmhouse Biscuits Sticky Toffee Pudding Biscuits 150 gr;
- Grandma Wilds Mature Cheddar Oaty Biscuits 100 gr;
- Walkers Scottish Biscuits for Cheese 250 gr;
- Panealba Traditional Grissini 125 gr;
- Border Fully Coated Plain Choc Gingers 175 gr;
- Original Cake Co Iced Christmas Cake 400 gr;
- Rendles Blueberry & Apple Cake 300 gr;
- Mr Filberts Peruvian Pink Peanuts & Cashews 120 gr;
- Crunch Craving Fruit & Nut Mix 250 gr;
- Grandma Wilds 4 Lux Mince Pies with Brandy;
- Coles Rum & D Cream Christmas Pudding 400 gr;
- Cartwright & Butler Strawberry Preserve 300 gr;
- Cartwright & Butler Fine Cut English Breakfast Marmalade 280 gr;
Thursday Cottage Lemon Curd 110 gr;
- Beerenberg Caramelized Onion Chutney 280 gr;
- Atkins & Potts Jalapeno Dip 205 gr;
- Tracklements Wholegrain Mustard 140 gr;
- Scarlett & Mustard Cool & Classic Tomato Salsa 300 gr;
- Atkins & Potts Raspberry Coulis 250 gr;
- Atkins & Potts Dark Chocolate Dipping Sauce 220 gr;
- Beerenberg Barbeque Sauce 300 ml;
- Mrs Bridges Lime & Basil Mayonnaise 180 gr;
- Wensleydale with Mango & Orange 150 gr;
- Finest English Blue Stilton In Jar 225 gr;
- Snowdonia Cheese Company Bouncing Berry 200 gr;
- Roast Smoked Belgian Ham 1.5 kg;
- Sliced Smoked Venison 100 gr;
- Smoked Chicken Breast 160 gr;
- Smoked Duck Sliced 100 gr;
- Epicure Salmon Pate 100 gr;
- Patchwork Chicken Liver Pate with Spiced Chilli 90 gr;
- Sliced Smoked Salmon D Cut Interleaved 1000 gr;
- Edinburgh Tea and Coffee Co After Dinner Ground Coffee 113 gr;
- Edin Tea & Coffee Breakfast Tea in a Tin 125 gr;
- Crunch Craving Chocolate Coated Peanuts 90 gr;
- Monty Bojangles Berry Bubbly Raspberry Cocoa Dusted Truffles 150 gr;
- Droste Dark Chocolate Pastilles 100 gr;
- Assorted Bag of Turkish Delight 160 gr;
- Farrahs Fruit Pastilles 125 gr;
- Radfords Vanilla Fudge Box 100 gr;
- Excelcium Cocoa Truffles 150 gr;
- Monty Bogangles Taste of Adventures Truffle Selection 315 gr;
- Wicker Hamper;
- Gift Wrapping;
- Greeting Card.

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