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Drambuie to Ireland

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Popular honey and herb flavored golden scotch whiskey made from aged malt whiskey and a secret blend of herbs and spices.

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Reviews: Drambuie

"Best Service Ever! Our son is in Spain for a semester and got quite sick - had to take himself to the hospital, get antibiotics, had no one to take care of him. So I found Gift Baskets Overseas online, ordered a healthy breakfast basket, paid with PayPal and crossed my fingers that it wasn't a scam. Not only is it legitimate, but when I didn't have a landline to give them for him they tracked one down (and sent it to me so I'd have it too) and when I gave them an incomplete address (because that's all I had), they tracked that down too. My son got his basket and I'm amazed that service like this still exists. Awesome, awesome, awesome. "

Reviewed by Betsy B -
Rating: 4.8
Arlington MA, USA