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89 Christmas-Gift-Baskets found
Save $15.00

Gluten-free Glut to UK
ID: 3073

Buy Gluten-free Glut for delivery in  UK
$114.95  $99.95 USD

Dom Perignon and a Box of Truffles to UK
ID: 10499

Buy Dom Perignon and a Box of Truffles for delivery in  UK
$349.95 USD

Veuve and Chocolate to UK
ID: 10336

Buy Veuve and Chocolate for delivery in  UK
$149.95 USD

Save $10.00

Sweetest of Treats Gift Basket to UK
ID: 461

Buy Sweetest of Treats Gift Basket for delivery in  UK
$94.95  $84.95 USD

A Holiday Feast Gift Basket to UK
ID: 791

Buy A Holiday Feast Gift Basket for delivery in  UK
$99.95 USD

Seasons Greetings to UK
ID: 11000063

Buy Seasons Greetings for delivery in  UK
$79.95 USD

Wishes for Winter Warmth to UK
ID: 783

Buy Wishes for Winter Warmth for delivery in  UK
$89.95 USD

Joyous Greetings Gourmet Hamper to UK
ID: 456

Buy Joyous Greetings Gourmet Hamper for delivery in  UK
$159.95 USD

Taste The Season to UK
ID: 1033

Buy Taste The Season for delivery in  UK
$134.95 USD

Fruit and Bubbly Gift Basket to UK
ID: 422

Buy Fruit and Bubbly Gift Basket for delivery in  UK
$149.95 USD

The Christmas Rose to UK
ID: 797

Buy The Christmas Rose for delivery in  UK
$179.95 USD

Save $15.00

Nouveau Chocolate Collection to UK
ID: 148

Buy Nouveau Chocolate Collection for delivery in  UK
$134.95  $119.95 USD

What's the best way to send Christmas gifts to business clients in UK?

You could buy each of your clients and individual gift, wrap it yourself, and simply send it by air mail to all of your business associates. But that takes a lot of time, and costs a lot of money. Gift Baskets Overseas is here to make that process a lot easier! Just download our Excel-based Bulk Order Form, fill it out with your recipients' delivery information, and choose from hundreds of decadent and generous gift baskets in each delivery region. You can even use our Corporate Gift Recommender to find gifts that meet your specifications. And there’s always our 24 x 7 customer service if you need any assistance finding the best gifts for your client in UK.

Perfect Bites to UK
ID: 1186

Buy Perfect Bites for delivery in  UK
$159.95 USD

Truffle Dreams to UK
ID: 1148

Buy Truffle Dreams for delivery in  UK
$69.95 USD

Healthy Choice to UK
ID: 421

Buy Healthy Choice for delivery in  UK
$174.95 USD

Save $20.00

Tea and Sweet Treat basket to UK
ID: 136

Buy Tea and Sweet Treat basket for delivery in  UK
$159.95  $139.95 USD

The Best Parts Of Morning to UK
ID: 1140

Buy The Best Parts Of Morning for delivery in  UK
$74.95 USD

Australian Duet Wine Set to UK
ID: 360

Buy Australian Duet Wine Set for delivery in  UK
$74.95 USD

Australian Red Wine Duet to UK
ID: 100000381

Buy Australian Red Wine Duet for delivery in  UK
$79.95 USD

A Spirited Duo to UK
ID: 850

Buy A Spirited Duo for delivery in  UK
$89.95 USD

Winter Warmth to UK
ID: 1142

Buy Winter Warmth for delivery in  UK
$129.95 USD

Memorable Moments to UK
ID: 469

Buy Memorable Moments for delivery in  UK
$99.95 USD

Distinguished Delights to UK
ID: 468

Buy Distinguished Delights for delivery in  UK
$84.95 USD

Wintry Treats to UK
ID: 802

Buy Wintry Treats for delivery in  UK
$249.95 USD

Savory Favorites and Sweet Delights Basket to UK
ID: 849

Buy Savory Favorites and Sweet Delights Basket for delivery in  UK
$99.95 USD

After Work Surprise to UK
ID: 2014

Buy After Work Surprise for delivery in  UK
$74.95 USD

Save $10.00

Naturally Sweet Cravings to UK
ID: 1249

Buy Naturally Sweet Cravings for delivery in  UK
$109.95  $99.95 USD

Holiday Melody to UK
ID: 923

Buy Holiday Melody for delivery in  UK
$99.95 USD

I need Christmas gift ideas for good customers in UK, what do you recommend?

You've come to the right place to find great Christmas gift suggestions for your customers in UK! We make it easy for you to see hundreds of holiday gift ideas anytime, at the touch of a button. You've probably noticed the navigation bar on the top of the page; just choose the most appropriate category you'd like to shop in. Of course, there's a section for Christmas Gifts, but you can also look at Wine Gifts, Corporate Gifts, Fruit Baskets and many more! Each page is updated regularly and shows the most popular gifts in each category first, so you never have to look too far for the best Christmas gifts for your customers in UK. But if that's too much shopping for you, then let our Corporate Gift Wizard handle it! Just fill out the form with your specifications for country, budget, and gift type, and let it give you specific Christmas gift suggestions we're sure you'll love.

His Time Basket to UK
ID: 496

Buy His Time Basket for delivery in  UK
$74.95 USD

Connoisseurs Delight Gift Basket to UK
ID: 510

Buy Connoisseurs Delight Gift Basket for delivery in  UK
$79.95 USD

Chocolate and Bubbles to UK
ID: 1284

Buy Chocolate and Bubbles for delivery in  UK
$184.95 USD

Dessert Cup Chocolates Gift Set to UK
ID: 100000374

Buy Dessert Cup Chocolates Gift Set for delivery in  UK
$79.95 USD

Holiday Fix to UK
ID: 1144

Buy Holiday Fix for delivery in  UK
$129.95 USD

Aged to Perfection to UK
ID: 3076

Buy Aged to Perfection for delivery in  UK
$99.95 USD

Fruity and Chocolate Rejoice to UK
ID: 1307

Buy Fruity and Chocolate Rejoice for delivery in  UK
$159.95 USD

New Zealand Wine Duet to UK
ID: 100000385

Buy New Zealand Wine Duet for delivery in  UK
$89.95 USD

Can you recommend good Christmas gifts to send to colleagues in UK?

Helping you pick out the best Christmas gifts for your friends and colleagues in UK is exactly what Gift Baskets Overseas is here for! We've actually have a few ways for you to pick out the perfect holiday gift basket to impress your coworkers.
  • You can look through our gift catalog for UK. We have hundreds of gifts in dozens of categories. From wine and flowers to gourmet baskets and sweet delights, we have something to make your colleague's Christmas present extra special.
  • Go ahead and ask the experts. Our 24/7 customer service team would be delighted to help you pick out the perfect Christmas present for your coworker.
  • Narrow things down with our helpful Gift Wizard. This easy to use tool will help you look at the gifts to UK that fit only what you're looking for. Narrow it down by budget, type, or even how many people you want to share it!

The Office Party to UK
ID: 134

Buy The Office Party for delivery in  UK
$249.95 USD

Save $10.00

Chardonnay and our Heavenly Dip Sampling to UK
ID: 123

Buy Chardonnay and our Heavenly Dip Sampling for delivery in  UK
$109.95  $99.95 USD

Classic A La Carte Gift Basket to UK
ID: 443

Buy Classic A La Carte Gift Basket for delivery in  UK
$184.95 USD

Save $10.00

Layers of Chocolate to UK
ID: 993

Buy Layers of Chocolate for delivery in  UK
$209.95  $199.95 USD

Lindt Sampler Kit to UK
ID: 3088

Buy Lindt Sampler Kit for delivery in  UK
$99.95 USD

Goes Down Smooth to UK
ID: 2013

Buy Goes Down Smooth for delivery in  UK
$69.95 USD

Tour of Wine Set to UK
ID: 1138

Buy Tour of Wine Set for delivery in  UK
$99.95 USD

Self-Help Stash with Sweetness to UK
ID: 3207

Buy Self-Help Stash with Sweetness for delivery in  UK
$159.95 USD

Can you recommend ideas for Christmas gifts to send to employees in UK?

The fact that you want to send Christmas gifts to your employees already makes you an amazing boss. Trust us, they'll appreciate that you took the time to send a good Christmas present. However, if you're looking for gifts to send to UK that stand out we can help with that. Look in our gift catalog for UK and sort by popularity. That will show you the most-ordered and best-received gifts for the region. You can even narrow it down by type of gift. But if you have no idea what to send, our personal favorite is food! There's nothing better than getting a gourmet gift basket during the holidays. Christmas is already such a food-heavy holiday that having something you don't have to cook is a huge sigh of relief. Add a bottle of wine or spirits to make your gift to UK stand out.

Wine For Every Occasion to UK
ID: 284

Buy Wine For Every Occasion for delivery in  UK
$149.95 USD

Taste of Britain to UK
ID: 744

Buy Taste of Britain for delivery in  UK
$89.95 USD

Belgian Smoked Ham Deluxe Gift Set to UK
ID: 500

Buy Belgian Smoked Ham Deluxe Gift Set for delivery in  UK
$79.95 USD

Perfect picnic getaway to UK
ID: 137

Buy Perfect picnic getaway for delivery in  UK
$159.95 USD

Australian White Wine Duet to UK
ID: 100000380

Buy Australian White Wine Duet for delivery in  UK
$79.95 USD

Celebration Basket From Australia to UK
ID: 503

Buy Celebration Basket From Australia for delivery in  UK
$89.95 USD

Deluxe Afternoon Delight to UK
ID: 127

Buy Deluxe Afternoon Delight for delivery in  UK
$299.95 USD

Fruitful and Fresh to UK
ID: 3209

Buy Fruitful and Fresh for delivery in  UK
$174.95 USD

What makes it cost so much to send Christmas presents to UK?

We hear this question a lot. It's daunting to see high prices for Christmas gift baskets delivered to UK, but keep in mind Gift Baskets Overseas has already done the hard work for you. Quite simply, if you went to a local store, purchased the items in any Christmas gift from UK, then shipped them with your favorite service, you'd still pay a lot more. And it would take longer, since it would have to go through Customs. We maintain offices in each region we serve, so when you send a Christmas gift to UK, our gift experts create your gift to order, from excellent products already in the region. That way, your order is delivered quickly, and you never wait on Customs delays. This method also ensures your recipient will never have to pay taxes or duties fees when you order with us. In the long run, sending a Christmas gift basket with Gift Baskets Overseas is actually less expensive and much faster.

Pacific Heights Duo to UK
ID: 856

Buy Pacific Heights Duo for delivery in  UK
$79.95 USD

Tempting Choices to UK
ID: 1280

Buy Tempting Choices for delivery in  UK
$159.95 USD

Smoked to UK
ID: 2022

Buy Smoked for delivery in  UK
$99.95 USD

Australian Delights to UK
ID: 529

Buy Australian Delights for delivery in  UK
$99.95 USD

Regal Classics Gourmet Gift Basket to UK
ID: 447

Buy Regal Classics Gourmet Gift Basket for delivery in  UK
$599.95 USD

Tantalizing Tea to UK
ID: 1261

Buy Tantalizing Tea for delivery in  UK
$74.95 USD

Loving Celebrations to UK
ID: 100000412

Buy Loving Celebrations for delivery in  UK
$74.95 USD

Deluxe Indulgence to UK
ID: 1166

Buy Deluxe Indulgence for delivery in  UK
$399.95 USD

How long will it take for the Christmas present I sent to UK to arrive?

We pride ourselves on delivering your Christmas gift to UK as quickly as possible. It typically takes us 2-3 business days from order completion to deliver your gift to UK. However, for holiday gift baskets this can take longer, especially when you request unique products. There is also some delay if you order for a rural area, or – in the case of Corporate gifts for Christmas - if the business you want us to deliver to is closed the day of delivery. Keep in mind: when you place your orders the late in the holiday season, particularly the weeks of Christmas and New Year, you may experience delivery delays. Please keep an eye on the UK catalog banner to get the most up-to-date delivery estimates during our busiest times.

Happy Holidays Floral Display to UK
ID: 824

Buy Happy Holidays Floral Display for delivery in  UK
$159.95 USD

Save $5.00

Classic Shiraz and Biscuits Gift Set to UK
ID: 327

Buy Classic Shiraz and Biscuits Gift Set for delivery in  UK
$84.95  $79.95 USD

Save $50.00

An Exquisite Pair to UK
ID: 998

Buy An Exquisite Pair for delivery in  UK
$794.95  $744.95 USD

Holiday Welcome to UK
ID: 10293

Buy Holiday Welcome for delivery in  UK
$149.95 USD

Enchanting Exclusive Treats to UK
ID: 1316

Buy Enchanting Exclusive Treats for delivery in  UK
$199.95 USD

Save $20.00

Liquid Celebrations basket to UK
ID: 138

Buy Liquid Celebrations basket for delivery in  UK
$319.95  $299.95 USD

Gluten-free Gaiety to UK
ID: 3074

Buy Gluten-free Gaiety for delivery in  UK
$99.95 USD

Robust Wine Gift Set to UK
ID: 558

Buy Robust Wine Gift Set for delivery in  UK
$149.95 USD

What's the best time to order Christmas gifts for UK so they don't get stuck in Customs?

The great thing about sending Christmas gifts to UK from Gift Baskets Overseas is that you never have to worry about delays with your package getting stuck in Customs. Even during the busiest part of the Christmas season, we can deliver to most areas in UK in less than a week. That being said, whether you use our service or create your own Christmas gifts to send to UK, we recommend starting as early as possible. When shipping gifts overseas on your own, consider sending the package at least 6-8 weeks prior to the holiday. That might sound intense, but as Christmas gets closer, Customs offices can get backed up with packages. Even if you decide to use our service (which is much faster), getting an early start on your holiday shopping list gives you plenty of time to pick the perfect Christmas gifts, get your address book updated, and still leaves you a little breathing room. Consider making your holidays order by mid-to-late November, and enjoy a holiday season without the stress. Don't worry if you have to make a last-minute holiday gift order, though! Even late in the season, we will continue to accept your orders and deliver them as quickly as possible.

Australian Gourmet Treats to UK
ID: 513

Buy Australian Gourmet Treats for delivery in  UK
$179.95 USD

Six Bottles Of Heaven to UK
ID: 1281

Buy Six Bottles Of Heaven for delivery in  UK
$199.95 USD

An Irresistible Feast to UK
ID: 2012

Buy An Irresistible Feast for delivery in  UK
$199.95 USD

Hogmanay Holiday to UK
ID: 3080

Buy Hogmanay Holiday for delivery in  UK
$299.95 USD

A Taste Of Port to UK
ID: 2023

Buy A Taste Of Port for delivery in  UK
$89.95 USD

Merry Munchies to UK
ID: 3081

Buy Merry Munchies for delivery in  UK
$74.95 USD

Save $40.00

Gourmet Heaven to UK
ID: 1068

Buy Gourmet Heaven for delivery in  UK
$289.95  $249.95 USD

Captivating Aromas to UK
ID: 1314

Buy Captivating Aromas for delivery in  UK
$249.95 USD

I have family overseas in UK, how can I send them a Christmas gift?

Gift Baskets Overseas makes it very easy to send great Christmas presents to your family and friends in UK. There are even multiple ways to shop, depending on what's most comfortable for you:
  • Take Your Time: Just keep browsing our online catalog of gifts to UK. In the navigation bar, you can see all sorts of gift types to choose from, including gourmet gifts, sweet gifts, spa gifts, and more – all arranged by popularity. Add your favorite to your cart, check out, and you're done!
  • Get Ideas Fast: Too many options to choose from? Use our Personal Gift Wizard to narrow down your Christmas gift ideas by gift type, price, and number of people it serves.
  • Ask for Help: If you need a more personal touch, just contact us. One of our friendly gift specialists is here to help you send the best Christmas presents to UK anytime.

Even Dozen to UK
ID: 1282

Buy Even Dozen for delivery in  UK
$299.95 USD

Lovely Thanks Bouquet and Gifts to UK
ID: 728

Buy Lovely Thanks Bouquet and Gifts for delivery in  UK
$99.95 USD

Premium Champagne to UK
ID: 1283

Buy Premium Champagne for delivery in  UK
$199.95 USD

Lovely Lavender Box to UK
ID: 3082

Buy Lovely Lavender Box for delivery in  UK
$74.95 USD

Save $30.00

Exquisite Family Picnic Hamper to UK
ID: 1315

Buy Exquisite Family Picnic Hamper for delivery in  UK
$289.95  $259.95 USD

Candlelit Spa to UK
ID: 362

Buy Candlelit Spa for delivery in  UK
$199.95 USD

A Sweet Toast with Truffles and Wine to UK
ID: 3301

Buy A Sweet Toast with Truffles and Wine for delivery in  UK
$249.95 USD

Sweetest Celebration to UK
ID: 1338

Buy Sweetest Celebration for delivery in  UK
$1539.95 USD

Homes Cupboard Basket to UK
ID: 3091

Buy Homes Cupboard Basket for delivery in  UK
$349.95 USD

Classic Wine Trio Set to UK
ID: 401

Buy Classic Wine Trio Set for delivery in  UK
$99.95 USD

Classic Fit For A King Gift Basket to UK
ID: 446

Buy Classic Fit For A King Gift Basket for delivery in  UK
$549.95 USD

Spicy-Sweet Gourmet Basket to UK
ID: 346

Buy Spicy-Sweet Gourmet Basket for delivery in  UK
$79.95 USD

Refreshingly Gin Box to UK
ID: 3083

Buy Refreshingly Gin Box for delivery in  UK
$99.95 USD

Don't like any of our Christmas-Gift-Baskets for delivery to UK?
- Try our Business or Personal Gift Selection Tool or contact us.


Information for shipping Christmas Gift Baskets to UK

When you are looking to send a gift to UK - consider the following points:

  1. How many days does it take to deliver Christmas Gift Baskets in UK? How long in advance prior of the delivery date should you place your order for one of our Christmas Gift Baskets?

    With Our delivery service it will take approximately 1-2 business days for your gift to arrive to UK.

  2. How much will shipping and handling to UK cost? Are there any other hidden charges or fees when shipping Christmas Gift Baskets in UK? ships all Christmas Gift Baskets from the local warehouse located closest to the recipient's delivery address in UK. This way, we can afford to charge a flat destination charge to UK: $19 USD. And there are no other hidden charges ever at all !

  3. What kind of issues should I be be prepared for when sending a gift to UK?

    Regardless of the online gift delivery service you choose when sending a gift basket, you should do a research to ensure the service you selected has a sufficient guarantee.

    Specifically you should make sure that:
    • Company has reputable online reviews with websites such as Better Business Bureau, Google Reviews and others.
    • They don't require the your gift recipient to pay taxes and duties fees when the gift arrives.
    • The company uses trusted delivery couriers like TNT, DHL, UPS, and offers a sufficient guarantee that your gift will arrive quickly and not damaged.

  4. Rest assured, with Gift Baskets Overseas domestic delivery your Christmas Gift Baskets or other gifts will arrive quickly, with no hidden costs and no customs hassle for your gift recipient.

You can order Christmas Gift Baskets to UK in following other locations


Aberaeron, Aberavon, Aberbargoed, Abercarn, Aberdare, Aberdeen, Abergavenny, Abergele, Abertillery, Aberystwyth, Abingdon, Accrington, Acle, Addlestone, Adlington, Adwick le Street, Alcester, Aldeburgh, Aldershot, Aldridge, Alford, Alfreton, Alnwick, Alsager, Alston, Alton, Altrincham, Amble, Ambleside, Amersham, Amesbury, Amlwch, Ammanford, Ampthill, Andover, Appleby-in-Westmorland, Appledore, Apsley, Arlesey, Arnold, Arundel, Ascot, Ashbourne, Ashburton, Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Ashford (Kent), Ashford (Surrey), Ashington, Ashton-in-Makerfield, Ashton-under-Lyne, Askern, Aspatria, Atherstone, Atherton, Attleborough, Audenshaw, Axbridge, Axminster, Aylesbury, Aylsham,


Backworth, Bacup, Baildon, Bakewell, Bala, Baldock, Banbury, Bangor, Banstead, Bargoed, Barking, Barmouth, Barnard Castle, Barnehurst, Barnoldswick, Barnsley, Barnstaple, Barrow-in-Furness, Barry, Barton-upon-Humber, Basildon, Basingstoke, Bath, Batley, Battle, Bawtry, Beaconsfield, Beaminster, Beaufort, Beaumaris, Bebington, Beccles, Beckenham, Bedale, Bedford, Bedlington, Bedworth, Beer, Beeston, Belper, Berkeley, Berkhamsted, Berwick-upon-Tweed, Bethesda, Beverley, Bewdley, Bexhill-on-Sea, Bicester, Biddulph, Bideford, Biggleswade, Billericay, Billingham, Bilston, Bingham, Bingley, Birchwood, Birkenhead, Birmingham, Bishop Auckland, Bishop's Castle, Bishop's Stortford, Bishop's Waltham, Blackburn, Blackheath, Blackpool, Blackrod, Blackwater, Blackwood, Blaenau Ffestiniog, Blaenavon, Blaina, Blandford Forum, Blaydon, Bletchley, Bloxwich, Blyth, Bodmin, Bognor Regis, Bollington, Bolsover, Bolton, Bootle, Bordon, Borehamwood, Boroughbridge, Boston, Bourne, Bournemouth, Bovey Tracey, Bowness-on-Windermere, Brackley, Bracknell, Bradford, Bradford on Avon, Brading, Bradley Stoke, Bradninch, Braintree, Brampton, Brandon, Brecon, Brentwood, Bridgend, Bridgnorth, Bridgwater, Bridlington, Bridport, Brierfield, Brierley, Brierley Hill, Brigg, Brighouse, Brightlingsea, Brighton and Hove, Bristol, Briton Ferry, Brixham, Broadstairs, Broadstone, Bromborough, Bromley, Bromsgrove, Bromyard, Broseley, Brough, Broughton, Broughton-in-Furness, Brownhills, Broxbourne, Bruton, Brynmawr, Buckfastleigh, Buckhurst Hill, Buckingham, Buckley, Bude, Budleigh Salterton, Builth Wells, Bulwell, Bungay, Buntingford, Burford, Burgess Hill, Burgh le Marsh, Burnham-on-Crouch, Burnham-on-Sea, Burnley, Burntwood, Burry Port, Burton Latimer, Burton upon Trent, Bury, Bury St Edmunds, Bushey, Buxton,


Cadishead, Caeo, Caernarfon, Caerphilly, Caerwys, Caister-on-Sea, Caistor, Caldicot, Callington, Calne, Camberley, Camborne, Cambridge, Camelford, Cannock, Canterbury, Canvey Island, Cardiff, Cardigan, Carlisle, Carmarthen, Carnforth, Carterton, Castle Cary, Castleford, Caterham, Catterick Garrison, Chadderton, Chagford, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Chard, Charlbury, Chatham, Chatteris, Cheadle (Greater Manchester), Cheadle (Staffordshire), Chelmsford, Cheltenham, Chepstow, Chertsey, Chesham, Cheshunt, Chessington, Chester, Chester-le-Street, Chesterfield, Chichester, Chigwell, Chingford, Chippenham, Chipping Campden, Chipping Norton, Chipping Ongar, Chipping Sodbury, Chirk, Chorley, Chorleywood, Christchurch, Chudleigh, Chulmleigh, Church Stretton, Cilgerran, Cinderford, Cirencester, Clacton-on-Sea, Clare, Clay Cross, Clayton-le-Moors, Cleator Moor, Cleckheaton, Cleethorpes, Cleobury Mortimer, Clevedon, Cleveleys, Clifton, Clitheroe, Clun, Coalville, Cobham, Cockermouth, Coggeshall, Colchester, Coleford, Coleshill, Colne, Colwyn Bay, Colyton, Congleton, Conisbrough, Connah's Quay, Consett, Conwy, Corbridge, Corby, Corringham, Corsham, Corwen, Coseley, Cotgrave, Coulsdon, Coventry, Cowbridge, Cowes, Cradley Heath, Cramlington, Cranbrook, Craven Arms, Crawley, Crayford, Crediton, Crewe, Crewkerne, Criccieth, Crickhowell, Cricklade, Cromer, Crook, Crosby, Crowborough, Crowland, Crowle, Crowthorne, Croydon, Crumlin, Cullompton, Cwmbran,


Dagenham, Dalton-in-Furness, Darlaston, Darley Dale, Darlington, Dartford, Dartmouth, Darwen, Daventry, Dawley, Dawlish, Deal, Deganwy, Denbigh, Denholme, Denton, Derby, Dereham, Desborough, Devizes, Dewsbury, Didcot, Dinnington, Diss, Dolgellau, Doncaster, Dorchester, Dorking, Dover, Dovercourt, Downham Market, Driffield, Droitwich Spa, Dronfield, Droylsden, Dudley, Dukinfield, Dulverton, Dundee, Dunstable, Dunwich, Durham, Dursley,


Eaglescliffe, Ealing, Earby, Earl Shilton, Earley, Earlswood, Easington, Easington Colliery, Easingwold, East Bedfont, East Cowes, East Grinstead, Eastbourne, Eastham, Eastleigh, Eastwood (Essex), Eastwood (Nottinghamshire), Ebbw Vale, Eccles, Eccleshall, Eckington, Edenbridge, Edinburgh, Egham, Egremont, Elland, Ellesmere, Ellesmere Port, Ely, Emsworth, Epping, Epsom, Epworth, Esher, Eston, Eton, Evesham, Ewell, Ewloe, Exeter, Exmouth, Eye,


Failsworth, Fairford, Fakenham, Falmouth, Fareham, Faringdon, Farnborough, Farnham, Farnworth, Faversham, Fazeley, Featherstone, Felixstowe, Feltham, Fenny Stratford, Ferndale, Ferndown, Ferryhill, Filey, Filton, Fishguard, Fleet, Fleetwood, Flint, Flitwick, Folkestone, Fordbridge, Fordingbridge, Fordwich, Formby, Fowey, Framlingham, Frimley, Frinton-on-Sea, Frodsham, Frome,


Gainsborough, Garforth, Garstang, Gateshead, Gillingham (Dorset), Gillingham (Kent), Glanamman, Glasgow, Glastonbury, Glossop, Gloucester, Glynneath, Godalming, Godmanchester, Golborne, Goodwick, Goole, Gorleston, Gorseinon, Gosport, Grange-over-Sands, Grantham, Gravesend, Grays, Great Dunmow, Great Torrington, Great Yarmouth, Grimsby, Guildford, Guisborough, Guiseley,


Hadfield, Hadleigh, Hailsham, Halesowen, Halesworth, Halifax, Halstead, Haltwhistle, Hanwell, Harlech, Harlesden, Harleston, Harlow, Harpenden, Harrington, Harrogate, Harrow, Hartland, Hartlepool, Harwich, Haslemere, Haslingden, Hastings, Hatfield, Hatherleigh, Havant, Haverfordwest, Haverhill, Hawes, Haxby, Hay-on-Wye, Hayes, Hayle, Haywards Heath, Heanor, Heathfield, Hebburn, Hebden Bridge, Hebden Royd, Heckmondwike, Hedge End, Hednesford, Hedon, Helmsley, Helston, Hemel Hempstead, Hempstead, Hemsworth, Henley-in-Arden, Henley-on-Thames, Hereford, Herne Bay, Hersham, Hertford, Hessle, Heswall, Hetton-le-Hole, Hexham, Heywood, High Bentham, High Wycombe, Higham Ferrers, Highbridge, Highcliffe, Highworth, Hinckley, Hindley, Hingham, Hitchin, Hoddesdon, Holbeach, Holmfirth, Holsworthy, Holt, Holyhead, Holywell, Honiton, Horley, Horncastle, Hornchurch, Hornsea, Horsforth, Horsham, Horwich, Houghton Regis, Houghton-le-Spring, Hounslow, Howden, Hoylake, Hoyland, Hucknall, Huddersfield, Hugh Town, Hungerford, Hunsdon, Hunstanton, Huntingdon, Huyton, Hyde, Hythe,


Ibstock, Ickenham, Ilfracombe, Ilkeston, Ilkley, Ilminster, Immingham, Ingatestone, Ipswich, Irlam, Irthlingborough, Isleworth, Ivybridge,




Kearsley, Keighley, Kempston, Kendal, Kenilworth, Kesgrave, Keswick, Kettering, Keynsham, Kidderminster, Kidsgrove, Kidwelly, Killamarsh, Killingworth, Kimberley, King's Lynn, Kingsbridge, Kingsbury, Kingston upon Hull, Kingston upon Thames, Kingswood, Kington, Kirkby, Kirkby Lonsdale, Kirkby Stephen, Kirkby-in-Ashfield, Kirkbymoorside, Kirkham, Kirton in Lindsey, Knaresborough, Knighton, Knottingley, Knowle, Knutsford,


Laindon, Lampeter, Lancaster, Langdon Hills, Langley Mill, Langport, Laugharne, Launceston, Leamington Spa, Leatherhead, Lechlade, Ledbury, Lee-on-the-Solent, Leeds, Leek, Leicester, Leigh, Leigh-on-Sea, Leighton Buzzard, Leiston, Leominster, Letchworth, Lewes, Leyburn, Leyland, Lichfield, Lincoln, Linslade, Liskeard, Littleborough, Littlehampton, Liverpool, Llanberis, Llandeilo, Llandovery, Llandrindod Wells, Llandudno, Llandudno Junction, Llandysul, Llanelli, Llanfair Caereinion, Llanfairfechan, Llanfyllin, Llangefni, Llangollen, Llanidloes, Llanrwst, Llantrisant, Llantwit Major, Llanwrtyd Wells, Llanybydder, Loddon, Loftus, London, London, Long Eaton, Long Sutton, Longbenton, Longridge, Longtown, Looe, Lostwithiel, Loughborough, Loughor, Loughton, Louth, Lowestoft, Ludgershall, Ludlow, Luton, Lutterworth, Lydd, Lydney, Lyme Regis, Lymington, Lytham St Annes,


Mablethorpe, Macclesfield, Machynlleth, Madeley, Maesteg, Maghull, Maidenhead, Maidstone, Maldon, Malmesbury, Maltby, Malton, Malvern, Manchester, Manningtree, Mansfield, Mansfield Woodhouse, Marazion, March, Margate, Market Bosworth, Market Deeping, Market Drayton, Market Harborough, Market Rasen, Market Warsop, Market Weighton, Marlborough, Marlow, Maryport, Masham, Matlock, Melbourne, Melksham, Meltham, Melton Mowbray, Menai Bridge, Mere, Merthyr Tydfil, Mexborough, Middleham, Middlesbrough, Middleton, Middlewich, Midhurst, Midsomer Norton, Mildenhall, Milford Haven, Millom, Milnrow, Milnthorpe, Milton Keynes, Minchinhampton, Minehead, Minster, Mirfield, Mitcham, Mitcheldean, Mold, Monmouth, Montgomery, Morden, Morecambe, Moreton, Moreton-in-Marsh, Moretonhampstead, Morley, Morpeth, Mossley, Mountain Ash, Much Wenlock, Mytholmroyd,


Nailsea, Nailsworth, Nantwich, Narberth, Neath, Needham Market, Nefyn, Nelson, Neston, Netherfield, Netherton, New Alresford, New Ferry, New Malden, New Mills, New Milton, New Quay, New Romney, Newark-on-Trent, Newbiggin-by-the-Sea, Newbridge, Newbury, Newcastle Emlyn, Newcastle upon Tyne, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Newent, Newhaven, Newlyn, Newmarket, Newport, Newport (Cornwall), Newport (Isle of Wight), Newport (Pembrokeshire), Newport (Shropshire), Newport Pagnell, Newquay, Newton Abbot, Newton Aycliffe, Newton-le-Willows, Newtown, Neyland, Normanton, North Hykeham, North Petherton, North Shields, North Tawton, North Walsham, Northallerton, Northam, Northampton, Northfleet, Northleach, Northwich, Norton-on-Derwent, Norwich, Nottingham, Nuneaton,


Oadby, Oakengates, Oakham, Okehampton, Old Colwyn, Oldbury, Oldham, Ollerton, Olney, Orford, Ormskirk, Orpington, Ossett, Oswaldtwistle, Oswestry, Otley, Ottery St Mary, Oundle, Overcombe, Oxford, Oxted,


Paddock Wood, Padiham, Padstow, Paignton, Painswick, Partington, Patchway, Pateley Bridge, Peacehaven, Pembroke, Pembroke Dock, Penarth, Pencoed, Pendlebury, Penistone, Penkridge, Penmaenmawr, Penrith, Penryn, Penwortham, Penzance, Pershore, Peterborough, Peterlee, Petersfield, Petworth, Pickering, Pitsea, Plymouth, Pocklington, Polegate, Pontardawe, Pontefract, Ponteland, Pontypool, Pontypridd, Poole, Port Talbot, Porth, Porthcawl, Porthleven, Porthmadog, Portishead, Portland, Portsmouth, Potters Bar, Potton, Poulton-le-Fylde, Prescot, Prestatyn, Presteigne, Preston, Prestwich, Princes Risborough, Princetown, Prudhoe, Pudsey, Pwllheli,


Quarry Bank, Queenborough, Queensferry,


RAF Alconbury Oxfordshire, RAF Croughton Upper Heyford, RAF Lakenheath Brandon Suffolk, RAF Menwith Hill Yorkshire Dales, RAF Mildenhall Mildenhall, Radcliffe, Radstock, Rainham, Ramsbottom, Ramsgate, Raunds, Rawtenstall, Rayleigh, Reading, Redcar, Redditch, Redhill, Redruth, Reepham, Reeth, Reigate, Retford, Rhayader, Rhuddlan, Rhyl, Rhymney, Richmond (Greater London), Richmond (North Yorkshire), Rickmansworth, Ringwood, Ripley, Ripon, Risca, Rishton, Robin Hood's Bay, Rochdale, Rochester, Rochford, Romford, Romsey, Ross-on-Wye, Rothbury, Rotherham, Rothwell (Northamptonshire), Rothwell (West Yorkshire), Rowley Regis, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Royston (Hertfordshire), Royston (South Yorkshire), Royton, Rubery, Rugby, Rugeley, Runcorn, Rushden, Ruthin, Ryde, Rye, Ryton,


Saffron Walden, Salcombe, Sale, Salford, Salisbury, Saltash, Saltburn-by-the-Sea, Saltney, Sandbach, Sandhurst, Sandiacre, Sandown, Sandwich, Sandy, Sawbridgeworth, Saxmundham, Scarborough, Scunthorpe, Seaford, Seaham, Seaton, Sedbergh, Sedgley, Selby, Selsey, Settle, Sevenoaks, Shaftesbury, Shanklin, Shaw & Crompton, Sheerness, Sheffield, Shefford, Shepperton, Shepshed, Shepton Mallet, Sherborne, Sheringham, Shifnal, Shildon, Shipley, Shipston-on-Stour, Shirebrook, Shoeburyness, Shoreham-by-Sea, Shotton, Shrewsbury, Sidmouth, Silloth, Silsden, Sittingbourne, Skegness, Skelmersdale, Skelton-in-Cleveland, Skipton, Sleaford, Slough, Smethwick, Snaith, Snodland, Soham, Solihull, Somerton, South Bank, South Benfleet, South Cave, South Elmsall, South Molton, South Petherton, South Shields, South Woodham Ferrers, Southam, Southampton, Southborough, Southend-on-Sea, Southminster, Southport, Southsea, Southwell, Southwick, Southwold, Sowerby Bridge, Spalding, Spennymoor, Spilsby, St Albans, St Asaph, St Austell, St Blazey, St Clears, St Columb Major, St David's, St Helens, St Ives (Cambridgeshire), St Ives (Cornwall), St Just in Penwith, St Mawes, St Neots, Stafford, Staines, Stainforth, Stalbridge, Stalham, Stalybridge, Stamford, Stanford-le-Hope, Stanhope, Stanley, Stanmore, Stapleford, Staveley, Stevenage, Steyning, Stockport, Stocksbridge, Stockton-on-Tees, Stoke-on-Trent, Stokesley, Stone, Stonehouse, Stony Stratford, Stourbridge, Stourport-on-Severn, Stow-on-the-Wold, Stowmarket, Stratford-upon-Avon, Stratton, Stretford, Strood, Stroud, Sturminster Newton, Sudbury, Sunbury-on-Thames, Sunderland, Sutton, Sutton Coldfield, Sutton-in-Ashfield, Swaffham, Swanage, Swanley, Swanscombe, Swansea, Swindon, Swinton, Swinton (Greater Manchester), Syston,


Tadcaster, Tadley, Talgarth, Tamworth, Taunton, Tavistock, Teignmouth, Telford, Telscombe, Templeton, Tenbury Wells, Tenby, Tenterden, Tetbury, Tewkesbury, Thame, Thatcham, Thaxted, Thetford, Thirsk, Thornaby-on-Tees, Thornbury, Thorne, Thornton, Thorpe St Andrew, Thrapston, Tickhill, Tidworth, Tilbury, Tipton, Tisbury, Tiverton, Todmorden, Tonbridge, Tondu, Tonypandy, Topsham, Torpoint, Torquay, Totland, Totnes, Toton, Totton & Eling, Tow Law, Towcester, Tredegar, Tregaron, Treharris, Tring, Trowbridge, Truro, Twickenham, Tyldesley, Tynemouth, Tywyn,


Uckfield, Ulverston, Upholland, Upminster, Uppingham, Upton, Upton-upon-Severn, Urmston, Usk, Uttoxeter, Uxbridge,


Ventnor, Verwood,


Wadebridge, Wadhurst, Wainfleet All Saints, Wakefield, Walkden, Wallasey, Wallingford, Wallington, Wallsend, Walmer, Walsall, Waltham Abbey, Waltham Cross, Walthamstow, Walton, Walton-on-Thames, Walton-on-the-Naze, Wandsworth, Wantage, Ware, Wareham, Warminster, Warrington, Warwick, Washington, Watchet, Waterlooville, Watford, Wath-upon-Dearne, Watlington, Watton, Wednesbury, Wednesfield, Wellingborough, Wellington (Shropshire), Wellington (Somerset), Wells, Wells-next-the-Sea, Welshpool, Welwyn Garden City, Wem, Wendover, Wesham, West Bridgford, West Bromwich, West Kirby, West Malling, West Mersea, Westbury, Westerham, Westgate-on-Sea, Westhoughton, Westminster, Weston-super-Mare, Wetherby, Weybridge, Weymouth, Whaley Bridge, Whickham, Whitby, Whitchurch (Hampshire), Whitchurch (Shropshire), Whitebushes, Whitefield, Whitehaven, Whitland, Whitley Bay, Whitnash, Whitstable, Whittlesey, Whyteleafe, Wickford, Wickham, Wickwar, Widnes, Wigan, Wigston Magna, Wigton, Willenhall, Willington, Wilmslow, Wilton, Wimborne Minster, Wincanton, Winchcombe, Winchelsea, Winchester, Windermere (town), Windsor, Winsford, Winslow, Winterton, Wirksworth, Wisbech, Witham, Withernsea, Witney, Wiveliscombe, Wivenhoe, Woburn, Woburn Sands, Woking, Wokingham, Wolsingham, Wolverhampton, Wolverton, Wombwell, Woodbridge, Woodley, Woodstock, Wooler, Wootton Bassett, Worcester, Workington, Worksop, Worsley, Worthing, Wotton-under-Edge, Wragby, Wrexham, Wroxham, Wymondham,


Yarm, Yarmouth, Yate, Yateley, Yeadon, Yeovil, York, Ystrad, Ystrad Mynach, Ystradgynlais,




What our Customers Say about our Service in UK and Worldwide

  "I had a great experience ordering from your site, it took about 5 minutes and the flowers were delivered the next day without any issues. Amazing customer service! Thank you!!"
Konstantin - Moscow, Russia - Sep 29, 2015

"Mike called me today, all emotional and showed me the basket over Skype. He just returned from his business trip in NYC and found the gift at his door steps! I selected the exact gift he wanted, he is happy as a kid. Thank you!"
Irina - Moscow, Russia - Mar 13, 2017

"I have placed several orders for baskets to be delivered to Split, Croatia and I have been thoroughly impressed with the service and customer support received. The gifts have been delivered exactly when requested and have been an exact match to those pictured on the website. I would highly recommend giftbasketsoverseas to anyone wishing a delivery of flowers, chocolates etc to loved ones overseas. Order with complete confidence in their ability to deliver!!! Well done team! I shall be using your services again."
Danny Cetin - Carrum Downs, Victoria, Australia - May 5, 2017

"It is in difficult times that you really know the character and quality of people. The same applies to business and companies. There we were. Living in Australia and wanting to send a gift basket to our uncle in the US, celebrating his amazing 100th birthday. We did it through Gift Basket Overseas and were happy with the user friendly site. Simple process. Short and efficient. To our surprise, the basket didn't arrive at the date promised. We began an investigation, compounded by an 18 hour time difference between Sydney, Australia and Scottsdale, AZ. From day one, every single customer representative we corresponded with only had one thing in mind: to resolve the problem. Through many iterations we found out I had a typo on the street name and although the zip code was correct, the courier delivered to an address that was not our uncle's. GBO sent a replacement basket at their cost and still that didn't make it to him. After a lot of investigations and the personal involvement of their customer service director, we finally had the gifts arrive at their destination. A very big thank you and we can assure you that you now have a customer for life and I will be recommending you to my friends. You showed us what customer service is all about. Thanks!"
Andre T - North Ryde NSW, Australia - Apr 11, 2018

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