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Chocolate Mood to France

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2 reviews

Who is in the mood for chocolate? Everyone is! And that is because chocolate possesses some great qualities. Not only it is very tasty and sweet, it also can lift one's mood and make them feel better about themselves. The Chocolate Mood gift set includes a box of Chocolate and Chocolate Hearts (250 g) - all presented in a stylish box. A great gift for any occasion!

Gift Contents:

- Assorted chocolates and chocolate hearts 250 gr;
- Gift Wrapping;
- Greeting Card.

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Reviews: Chocolate Mood

"I am extremely happy ! The order I placed was delivered today to my family in Tuscany ! This was the first time I dealt with so I was a little reluctant, but very hopeful it will work. They delivered it promptly, just as requested, today, at the right address of my brother's house. I think they were too thrilled about it and decided to check it later so they did not notice my card, I will check again with them tomorrow, for it's got its rightful place: under the Christmas tree along with the rest of the gifts ! :) "

Reviewed by Mara B. -
Rating: 4.2

"I am so impressed with the service. Was punctual and they did everything they could to make it on time. They even went out of their way when the phone number was not working to try other means to contact the recipient. Will always use this company for my international and local gifts. I strongly recommend this company to everyone I know that is looking for gift delivery or any other service they provide."

Reviewed by Ben Mason -
Rating: 4.3
New York, NY