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Asian Luxury to Indonesia

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College is back for another semester, and your kids are now stuck with assignments and tests. Help them unwind with a Chinese New Year-inspired gift basket. Your student will trade in the cold pizza for vibrant Oranges (1 kg), indulge in Abalone (12 pcs per can), juicy Oranges (1 kg), relax with a cup of Oolong Tea (200 gr), have a mid-day pick-me-up of Candies and Cookies (200 gr), and feel spoiled by so much more. Prepare them for midterms, make them feel like part of the family festivities, or just say I Miss You with Asian Luxury.

Gift Contents:

- 1 kg of oranges;
- Abalone in Brine (12 pcs);
- Oyster Flavored Sauce 500 gr;
- Gourmet Oolong tea with Ginseng 200 gr;
- Box of Imported Chocolates 200 gr;
- Assorted chocolate coins;
- Abalone-shaped pastries 200 gr;
- Almond pastries 200 gr;
- Green tea cookies 200 gr;
- Peanut & caramel candies 200 gr;
- Basket with Chinese holiday decor;
- Gift Wrapping;
- Greeting Card.

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Reviews: Asian Luxury

"We are really impressed by your service and prompt delivery and our family in the UK are to quote "extremely grateful for their lovely gift" Cheers"

Reviewed by Jeff Colley -
Rating: 4.6
Perth, Western Australia