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Absolut Gourmet

Absolut Gourmet to USA

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Any party veteran knows that a night of drinking leads to some pretty serious snack cravings. Make sure your best friend is prepared for their weekend fun with a gourmet gift basket that plans ahead. Your recipient will receive a bottle of crystal clear Absolut Vodka (700 ml), along with an assortment of snacks to curb their cravings like crisp Pretzels, decadent Cookies, rich Chocolate Truffles, and much more! Celebrate their graduation, say Happy Birthday, or encourage them to take the weekend off with Absolut Gourmet.

Gift Contents:

- Bottle of classic Absolut (Sweden) 700 ml;
- Gourmet cheese;
- Crisp crackers;
- Pretzels;
- Popcorn;
- Cookies;
- Crackers;
- Candy;
- Chocolate truffles;
- 10x16x8 inch basket;
- Gift Wrapping;
- Greeting Card.

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Reviews: Absolut Gourmet

"Best Service Ever! Our son is in Spain for a semester and got quite sick - had to take himself to the hospital, get antibiotics, had no one to take care of him. So I found Gift Baskets Overseas online, ordered a healthy breakfast basket, paid with PayPal and crossed my fingers that it wasn't a scam. Not only is it legitimate, but when I didn't have a landline to give them for him they tracked one down (and sent it to me so I'd have it too) and when I gave them an incomplete address (because that's all I had), they tracked that down too. My son got his basket and I'm amazed that service like this still exists. Awesome, awesome, awesome. "

Reviewed by Betsy B -
Rating: 5
Arlington MA, USA