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5 Star Gourmet

5 Star Gourmet to Austria

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Dom Perignon is a Champagne that can certainly stand alone, but it's so much better if it doesn't. Our experts have put together a basket that will help you get the most out of this elegant champagne. Your recipient will receive a bottle of 2004 Dom Perignon (75cl), a Godiva Gold Box (34 pcs), sweet Milk and Dark Chocolate Carre (40 pcs), classic Truffles (150 g), Coffee Butter Creams (5 pcs), delicious Vanilla Butter Creams (5 pcs), Tapenade Noir (120g), crisp Baked Crackers (125 g), savory Gouda and Pesto Crispies (100 g), Gouda Cheese Sticks (100 g), a decadent Marble Cake (400 g), and so much more. Say I Love You, welcome your new CEO, or spoil the office with 5 Star Gourmet.

Gift Contents:

- Champagne Dom Perignon Vintage 750 ml;
- Godiva Gold Rigid Box (34pcs);
- Neuhaus Carre Classic Milk & Dark (40pcs);
- Neuhaus Brussels Collection Classic Truffles 150 gr (+/-12 pcs);
- Neuhaus Manon Choco Cafe: Coffee Butter Cream (5pcs);
- Neuhaus Manon Choco Vanille: Vanilla Butter Creme (5pcs);
- Domaine du Bois Gentil Tapenade Noir 120 gr;
- Elsa's Story Crisp Baked Crackers 125 gr;
- Roka Cheese Crispies Gouda Cheese & Pesto 100 gr;
- Roka Cheese Sticks Gouda Cheese 100 gr;
- Japanese House Mix;
- Marble Cake 400 gr;
- 5 Macarons;
- Gift hamper;
- Gift Wrapping;
- Greeting Card.

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Reviews: 5 Star Gourmet

"Thank you for the wonderful service you provided in sending the flower gift basket that I ordered. Not only did the flowers arrive at the time requested, but I also learned that they were absolutely Gorgeous."

Reviewed by Shirley B. -
Rating: 5
Shreveport LA, USA

"The service is simply excellent! I confess that I initially had several fears. But considering the positive reviews I decided to take the risk. I ordered a basket for Valentine's and it was delivered today to my husband who is working in Honduras (we're from Argentina). And he just called me very excited because he entered his room and found the gift. They delivered my gift promptly, right on time. And my husband said the gift was very cute. Also during these days their customer service constantly kept in touch with me to arrange the details. I recommend them without any hesitation."

Reviewed by Andrea Q -
Rating: 4.8