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"I would go so far to say this is the best customer care I have ever received. This is a very professional company, end to end. The follow up from the confirmation of the order to the delivered goods was perfect."

Reviewed by Kelsey Swaby -
Rating: 4.3
Queensland, Australia

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Product ID: 11

Bursting with Sweetness

USD $69.95

Product ID: 9

Bursting with Sweetness with Red Wine

USD $99.95

Product ID: 10

Bursting with Sweetness with White Wine

USD $99.95

Product ID: 16

Delectable Tiramisu Cake

USD $74.95

Product ID: 17

Paradise Vanilla Cake

USD $74.95

Product ID: 18

Luxurious Strawberry Shortcake

USD $74.95

Product ID: 20

Chocolate Truffles Indulgence

USD $59.95

Product ID: 21

Chocolate Strawberry Gift Set

USD $74.95

Product ID: 33

Bottle of Cellarmasters Cabernet Sauvignon

USD $79.95

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