Whitepaper Download: Keeping Them Playing Your Game

Keeping Them Playing Your Game: Strategies for Customer Retention in the Online Gaming Industry


Executive Summary

While the Online Gaming Industry is growing at a phenomenal rate, and should continue to do so across the world, customer loss rates are also higher than they've ever been, and competition is more fierce than ever. Companies in the gaming industry are frantically working to implement strategies that will stop the mass exodus, but many companies are missing a key piece to the puzzle of customer loyalty.


In this white paper, we will examine the crucial role of customer loyalty in the online gaming industry. But more importantly, we will discuss the steps to improve retention and loyalty that, if applied to the right customers, will improve profits.


  • Understand the relationship between engendering habits in customers and excellent customer service
  • Focus major efforts in customer satisfaction on new and recently acquired customers.
  • Use value propositions to satisfy their needs and reinforce playing/buying habits
  • Prevent dissatisfaction/churn from occurring with habitually committed customers.


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