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Your Guide to Sending Gifts & Hampers to the USA

Your family, friends, and colleagues in the United States of America enjoy a wide array of holiday and personal celebrations that are great excuses to give gifts and share great meals. As in many cultures, Christmas, Hanukkah, Mother's Day, and birthdays are the most common occasions, but there is also a rich tradition of commemorating individual accomplishments and events. Of course, your friends and business associates will love a birthday present, but it's also good idea to send a housewarming gift if they've moved into a new home, or to send a nice bottle of wine when they earn a promotion. Whatever the occasion, when you're ready to celebrate with your American friends from far away, here's your guide to gift delivery in the USA.

Questions & Answers

Most Popular Corporate Gifts to the U.S.A.

When you're sending gifts to people in other companies in the USA, it's important to remember that there can be corporate policies and legal restrictions about the price of the gift (although shipping costs are usually not included in these totals), so it's a good idea to check into any such rules before placing your order. While the winter holidays - Christmas and New Year - are the most popular occasions for sending corporate gifts to the USA, but other popular occasions include business associates' (or customers') birthdays, hiring anniversaries, and to celebrate a new, or successful, partnership. The most popular corporate gifts in the USA for office teams to share are large chocolate gifts, but for individual corporate gifts gourmet collections and fruit baskets, sometimes with champagne or wine, are the most common choices.

To our English friends: Yes, we do deliver hampers to the USA from the UK!

We hear this question all the time, so we've been making sure to keep track of the best gifts you can send to the US from the United Kingdom for Christmas, Boxing Day, and birthdays. When it comes to sending Christmas hampers and Boxing day gifts to your family, friends, and business associates in America, the top picks are delicious fruit hampers to give them a fresh, nutritious burst of flavor in the winter, gourmet hampers that let everyone in the family choose their favorites from an assortment of savory and sweet treats, and gifts for kids that keep the smiles on their faces long after the holiday. When it comes to birthdays, the classics still can't be beat: send your family and friends in the USA a delicious birthday cake so they can blow out the candles and make a wish, if you're sending one for an adult birthday party, make sure to include a bottle of champagne or wine, so they can follow up turning a year older with a fine toast.

We also accept orders to the US from over 200 countries Worldwide.

Sending a gift basket to USA from your country?

Time to Send Christmas Hampers to the USA?

It's no secret that the most popular gift-giving holiday in the United States is Christmas. For weeks ahead of time, your friends, family, and business associates are planning family dinners around the Christmas holiday, and shopping for their own gifts to send. It's also no secret that most Americans love a good meal (and a good drink) during the holidays, so our most popular Christmas gifts for delivery to the USA are our gourmet collections and wine gifts that help them indulge in treats that they normally wouldn't buy for themselves, and that take some of the pressure off hosting. Of course, Christmas is all about the kids too, so don't forget to include the little ones on your list; they always love sweets, chocolate gifts, and toys. And no matter what age you're buying for, sending sweet, ripe fruit baskets makes sure that all your friends and family in the USA get great stocking stuffers on Christmas morning.

How do I write the Address for my Delivery to the U.S.A. ?

American addresses look like this when they include all possible information:

Mrs. Delilah Anderson Recipient's Name
c/o Your Favorite Company Office or Company (for corporate gifts)
2473 Every Street Dr. Street Address
Apt. 24 2nd portion of address (optional) Dalum Town or village (optional)
Baltimore, MD 21224 City, State, and postal code

The most important parts to make sure you have on your order form are the recipient's full name. Make sure to include if your recipient is a "Jr.", or their middle initial if more than one person shares the same name. Also include the full street address, as well as the zip code. Even if you don't have a company name, or there is nothing to include on the second line for the street address, if you have all the previous information, it should be enough for the delivery and will look like this:

Mrs. Delilah Anderson
2473 Every Street Dr.
Baltimore, MD 21224