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We offer Ireland gifts online to the following locations: Athlone, Bray, Carlow, Clonmel, Cork, Drogheda, Dublin, Dundalk, Ennis, Galway, Kilkenny, Limerick, Naas, Navan, Newbridge, Sligo, Swords, Tralee, Waterford, Wexford, and many other destinations in Ireland.

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473 total gifts found

Perfect Start to Ireland

ID: 1906

$174.95 USD

Treat To Share to Ireland

ID: 184

$184.95 USD

Holiday Emotions to Ireland

ID: 187

$139.95 USD

Oxfam Christmas Classics to Ireland

ID: 729

$154.95 USD

Picnic Time to Ireland

ID: 1170

$349.95 USD

Perfect Bites to Ireland

ID: 1908

$129.95 USD

Superior Selections to Ireland

ID: 255

$124.95 USD

Christmas Magic to Ireland

ID: 183

$254.95 USD

Not Your Average Christmas Cake to Ireland

ID: 193

$134.95 USD

Untraditional to Ireland

ID: 1834

$74.95 USD

VIP Holiday to Ireland

ID: 1175

$259.95 USD

Fine Fresh Fruit-Baskets 5 kg to Ireland

ID: 150

$99.95 USD

Holiday Greetings Bouquet to Ireland

ID: 921

$89.95 USD

The Christmas Rose to Ireland

ID: 797

$374.95 USD

A Merry Christmas to All to Ireland

ID: 801

$599.95 USD

Celebrate Festivity to Ireland

ID: 789

$214.95 USD

Destination: Christmas to Ireland

ID: 181

$364.95 USD

Fruit and Sweets Gourmet Assortment to Ireland

ID: 20000050

$164.95 USD

Sweet Tooth Indulgence with Chardonnay to Ireland

ID: 12000094

$459.95 USD

Chocolate Lover Deluxe Gift Set with Veuve Clicquot to Ireland

ID: 12000091

$459.95 USD

Holiday Sweet Mood Booster with Veuve Clicquot to Ireland

ID: 12000085

$344.95 USD

Chocolate Lover Deluxe Gift Set to Ireland

ID: 12000081

$299.95 USD

Chocoholic Surprise Gift Set to Ireland

ID: 12000080

$154.95 USD

Sweet Tooth Indulgence to Ireland

ID: 12000079

$349.95 USD

Luxurious Sweet Christmas Gift Set to Ireland

ID: 12000078

$199.95 USD

Congratulations Gift Basket to Ireland

ID: 711

$269.95 USD

Unbelievable Fruit and Gourmet Gift Set to Ireland

ID: 1821

$499.95 USD

Chocolate Delights Collection to Ireland

ID: 1002

$124.95 USD

Fruit and Bubbly Gift Basket to Ireland

ID: 422

$174.95 USD

Tropical Fruit and Gourmet Snacks to Ireland

ID: 420

$149.95 USD

Truffles Galore to Ireland

ID: 247

$99.95 USD

The Office Party to Ireland

ID: 134

$279.95 USD

Holiday Greetings Bouquet and Chocolates to Ireland

ID: 922

$99.95 USD

Sweet Treats package to Ireland

ID: 120

$119.95 USD

Chateau De Beaulon Cognac to Ireland

ID: 104

$134.95 USD

Dom Perignon to Ireland

ID: 80

$299.95 USD

Premier Veuve Clicquot to Ireland

ID: 75

$129.95 USD

Moet and Chandon Brut Imperial to Ireland

ID: 74

$119.95 USD

Warmth of the Fire to Ireland

ID: 800

$979.95 USD

Everything for Celebration to Ireland

ID: 799

$0.95 USD

Holiday Wishes for All to Ireland

ID: 792

$274.95 USD

A Holiday Feast Gift Basket to Ireland

ID: 791

$254.95 USD

A New Zealand Holiday to Ireland

ID: 788

$239.95 USD

Save $15.00

Winter Holiday in France to Ireland

ID: 786

$214.95  $199.95 USD

Wishes for Winter Warmth to Ireland

ID: 783

$199.95 USD

Spirit of Christmas Assortment to Ireland

ID: 782

$149.95 USD

Noels Great Delights to Ireland

ID: 781

$199.95 USD

Holiday Melody to Ireland

ID: 923

$99.95 USD

Fruity Poinsettia and Chocolates to Ireland

ID: 926

$174.95 USD

Champagne For Toasting to Ireland

ID: 679

$209.95 USD

Happy Holidays Floral Display to Ireland

ID: 680

$139.95 USD

Happy Holidays Floral Display Gift Set to Ireland

ID: 681

$234.95 USD

Warmest Wishes in Winter to Ireland

ID: 682

$319.95 USD

Save $10.00

Essence of Madrid to Ireland

ID: 927

$119.95  $109.95 USD

Decadent Holiday Gourmet Hamper to Ireland

ID: 235

$309.95 USD

Champagne and Chocolates Collection to Ireland

ID: 13049

$499.95 USD

Double the Decadence Gift Basket to Ireland

ID: 939

$449.95 USD

Glemnmorangie Goodness to Ireland

ID: 941

$389.95 USD

Save $15.00

Starry Night Luxury Gift Basket to Ireland

ID: 1700

$254.95  $239.95 USD

Holly and Ivy Holiday Gift Basket to Ireland

ID: 944

$339.95 USD

Savor the Spirit to Ireland

ID: 955

$654.95 USD

Sweetly Spirited to Ireland

ID: 956

$779.95 USD

Save $5.00

Holiday Elegance to Ireland

ID: 1788

$79.95  $74.95 USD

Save $15.00

Champagne Soiree Gift Basket to Ireland

ID: 1701

$274.95  $259.95 USD

Irish Creme Gift Basket to Ireland

ID: 1705

$194.95 USD

Save $5.00

Holiday Chocolate Assortment to Ireland

ID: 1706

$74.95  $69.95 USD

Save $10.00

Irish Delight Gift Basket to Ireland

ID: 1708

$169.95  $159.95 USD

Castle Walk Gift Basket to Ireland

ID: 1709

$264.95 USD

Save $12.00

Long Lasting Impression to Ireland

ID: 1722

$281.95  $269.95 USD

A Million Thanks to Ireland

ID: 1724

$264.95 USD

Snack Favorites from the UK to Ireland

ID: 1726

$159.95 USD

Gourmet Selection to Ireland

ID: 1727

$69.95 USD

Best Wishes to Ireland

ID: 1728

$159.95 USD

Unusual Combo to Ireland

ID: 1729

$74.95 USD

Warm Toast to Ireland

ID: 2005

$99.95 USD

Save $5.00

Beary Special Gift to Ireland

ID: 1732

$94.95  $89.95 USD

Christmas Morning Gift Mug to Ireland

ID: 1735

$64.95 USD

Walk of Joy Gift Basket to Ireland

ID: 1738

$274.95 USD

Sweet Wishes Gift Basket to Ireland

ID: 1739

$69.95 USD

Jim and Jack Gift Basket to Ireland

ID: 1749

$299.95 USD

Jack Daniels Gift Basket to Ireland

ID: 1750

$254.95 USD

Save $10.00

Tequila Cruda Gift Basket to Ireland

ID: 1751

$179.95  $169.95 USD

Mississippi Gent Gift Basket to Ireland

ID: 1752

$249.95 USD

Royal Power Gift Basket to Ireland

ID: 1755

$274.95 USD

Save $12.00

Sparkling Celebration Gift Basket to Ireland

ID: 1757

$286.95  $274.95 USD

Perignon and Truffles to Ireland

ID: 1764

$399.95 USD

Romantics Advance to Ireland

ID: 1765

$219.95 USD

Connoisseurs Passion to Ireland

ID: 1766

$284.95 USD

Destrooper Delights Gift Basket to Ireland

ID: 814

$99.95 USD

Hennessy and Sweets Set to Ireland

ID: 1810

$179.95 USD

Sparkling Wine and Snacks Set to Ireland

ID: 1817

$74.95 USD

Unique Treasures Premium
Treasure Island Gift Set to Ireland

ID: 40006

$119.95 USD

Wine and Chocolate Journey
Wine and Chocolate Journey to Ireland

ID: 40000

$149.95 USD

The Story of Success Gift Basket
The Story of Success Gift Basket to Ireland

ID: 40001

$159.95 USD

Holiday Chocolate Tower to Ireland

ID: 2035

$99.95 USD

Unique Treasures
Unique Treasures to Ireland

ID: 40003

$99.95 USD

Wine Sophistication
Wine Sophistication to Ireland

ID: 40004

$149.95 USD

Teacup Rose in Pink to Ireland

ID: 174

$84.95 USD

Candy Sweet Kisses Bouquet to Ireland

ID: 162

$89.95 USD

Gourmet Snack And Wine Paring to Ireland

ID: 180

$379.95 USD

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What our Customers Say about our Service

  "I requested a basket that contained a wine bottle to be delivered in Norway. It is the first shop that could do it, and my boyfriend received a very good Spanish wine from La Rioja. The shop did all its best to contact a local shop in Norway in order to fulfill my wishes, since Norway has alcoholic restrictions. Since the very beginning of my order the shop kept me informed by phone about the order, and I live in Spain! My boyfriend received the package with chocolates and a rose, on time and he was really suprised and very touched. Thank you Gift Baskets Overseas to help me to make happy a person. "
Liliana - Barcelona, Spain - Mar 22, 2010

"Great service, on time delivery and high quality products. My husband in Dubai thought that someone in Dubai had ordered it on my behealf since the cake came from the best bakery in Dubai. It was a hit. I am so happy to have found this site to surprise my husband on special occassions. Thank You! :)"
Loyda - LA, New York - Jun 24, 2010

"I was very impressed with the service I received!! I wanted a special gift delivered to a special person in Turkey and this was accomplished thanks to all of you! The customer service was very professional and considerate. I was notified of every step and was also able to make substitutions due to delays, which were not due to the company. I don't know of a single other company that takes the time to personally call their customers to be sure a quality product is delivered and picked up in the same condition. Thank you all for your wonderful service :)"
Michelle - Oklahoma, USA - February 20, 2013

"I have placed several orders for baskets to be delivered to Split, Croatia and I have been thoroughly impressed with the service and customer support received. The gifts have been delivered exactly when requested and have been an exact match to those pictured on the website. I would highly recommend giftbasketsoverseas to anyone wishing a delivery of flowers, chocolates etc to loved ones overseas. Order with complete confidence in their ability to deliver!!! Well done team! I shall be using your services again."
Danny Cetin - Carrum Downs, Victoria, Australia - May 5, 2011

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