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Birthday Gift Baskets

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112 items found

Chocolate Lover Deluxe Gift Set to Italy

ID: 12000081

$299.95 USD

Elegant Start Gift Box to Italy

ID: 30

$579.95 USD

Gourmet Delicacies For Christmas to Italy

ID: 3022

$184.95 USD

Congratulations Gift Basket to Italy

ID: 50222

$224.95 USD

A Feast for Three Kings to Italy

ID: 794

$259.95 USD

Double the Decadence Gift Basket to Italy

ID: 939

$449.95 USD

Sweetly Spirited to Italy

ID: 254

$779.95 USD

Save $15.00

Starry Night Luxury Gift Basket to Italy

ID: 1700

$254.95  $239.95 USD

Castle Walk Gift Basket to Italy

ID: 1709

$264.95 USD

A Million Thanks to Italy

ID: 1724

$264.95 USD

Jim and Jack Gift Basket to Italy

ID: 1749

$299.95 USD

Save $10.00

Tequila Cruda Gift Basket to Italy

ID: 1751

$179.95  $169.95 USD

Mississippi Gent Gift Basket to Italy

ID: 1752

$249.95 USD

The Story of Success Gift Basket
The Story of Success Gift Basket to Italy

ID: 40001

$159.95 USD

Brut Champagne and Snacks to Italy

ID: 822

$269.95 USD

World-Renowned Cookies to Italy

ID: 823

$159.95 USD

The Tower of Happiness to Italy

ID: 2036

$149.95 USD

Choice Pick to Italy

ID: 1023

$249.95 USD

Love and Candy to Italy

ID: 1024

$159.95 USD

Welcome Baby Boy Set to Italy

ID: 1025

$149.95 USD

Welcome Baby Girl Set to Italy

ID: 1026

$149.95 USD

Trifecta to Italy

ID: 1027

$174.95 USD

Sweet Days to Italy

ID: 1838

$129.95 USD

Absolut Dream to Italy

ID: 1839

$129.95 USD

His Relaxation to Italy

ID: 1844

$159.95 USD

Pampered to Italy

ID: 1845

$149.95 USD

A Bit Of Cuddles to Italy

ID: 1846

$149.95 USD

Breathe In to Italy

ID: 1847

$149.95 USD

Baby Girl to Italy

ID: 1848

$179.95 USD

Baby Boy to Italy

ID: 1849

$174.95 USD

Toast for a Gentleman to Italy

ID: 1850

$244.95 USD

Exotic Scrubs to Italy

ID: 1851

$159.95 USD

Suds to Italy

ID: 1852

$99.95 USD

Perfect Weekend to Italy

ID: 1853

$99.95 USD

Timeless Love to Italy

ID: 1856

$134.95 USD

Charmer to Italy

ID: 1857

$269.95 USD

Teddys Affection to Italy

ID: 1897

$49.95 USD

Cuddly Romance to Italy

ID: 1898

$49.95 USD

Save $20.00

Chocolate Cravings to Italy

ID: 1167

$389.95  $369.95 USD

Save $35.00

All Dressed Up to Italy

ID: 1174

$374.95  $339.95 USD

Cheers to Italy

ID: 1179

$269.95 USD

Sweet Love to Italy

ID: 1180

$349.95 USD

Celebration Gift Bag to Italy

ID: 1196

$219.95 USD

Rub-A-Dub-Dub to Italy

ID: 1197

$169.95 USD

Happy Holidays with Spanish Vineyards to Italy

ID: 1901

$874.95 USD

Luxurious Package to Italy

ID: 1902

$549.95 USD

Impressive Holiday Basket to Italy

ID: 1908

$449.95 USD

Wine and Cheese Gourmet Basket
Wine and Cheese Gift Basket to Italy

ID: 50088

$159.95 USD

Sweet Hugs to Italy

ID: 1758

$69.95 USD

Select a basket to meet your type and budget and trust our designer to come up with the best option to meet your specifications!
Gift Basket Magic to Italy

ID: 10000

$0 USD

The Black Box to Italy

ID: 335

$89.95 USD

White Orchid to Italy

ID: 219

$79.95 USD

Bottle of Lenoble Brut Champagne to Italy

ID: 60

$139.95 USD

Rose Selection to Italy

ID: 135

$0 USD

Save $20.00

Sparkles in the Eyes to Italy

ID: 1759

$134.95  $114.95 USD

Sparkling Gourmet Quartet to Italy

ID: 1150

$99.95 USD

Bottle of Veuve Clicquot Brut Champagne to Italy

ID: 59

$204.95 USD

Happy Day Flower Basket to Italy

ID: 50046

$149.95 USD

Colors Of Love to Italy

ID: 1350

$164.95 USD

Irish Creme Gift Basket to Italy

ID: 1705

$194.95 USD

Birthday Greetings from the USA to Italy

ID: 50226

$209.95 USD

Time for a Coffee Break to Italy

ID: 1146

$69.95 USD

Exclusive Veuve Clicquot to Italy

ID: 50105

$214.95 USD

Jubilant Flower Basket to Italy

ID: 50057

$124.95 USD

English Cuppa Gift Set to Italy

ID: 1154

$69.95 USD

Natural Beauty Flower Basket to Italy

ID: 50044

$129.95 USD

Teddy Bear Love to Italy

ID: 1730

$89.95 USD

Save $5.00

Beary Special Gift to Italy

ID: 1732

$94.95  $89.95 USD

The North meets the South to Italy

ID: 50101

$214.95 USD

Victorian Sophistication Flower Basket to Italy

ID: 50058

$124.95 USD

Romantic Evening Gift Set to Italy

ID: 7120

$149.95 USD

Birthday Essentials Gift Basket to Italy

ID: 50223

$214.95 USD

Energy Blast Gift Basket
Energy Blast Gift Basket to Italy

ID: 40002

$139.95 USD

Entangling Love to Italy

ID: 1770

$139.95 USD

Her Majestys Bouquet to Italy

ID: 5074

$99.95 USD

Cuddly Teddy Bear to Italy

ID: 10000054

$89.95 USD

Pure Blooms Flower Basket to Italy

ID: 50052

$149.95 USD

USA Greetings Cake to Italy

ID: 50224

$124.95 USD

Save $10.00

With All My Heart Gift Set to Italy

ID: 1811

$179.95  $169.95 USD

Basket of Joy Flower Basket to Italy

ID: 50040

$194.95 USD

Mother Russia Gift Basket to Italy

ID: 1747

$134.95 USD

Cancun Picnic Gift Basket to Italy

ID: 1753

$134.95 USD

Sentimental Moments to Italy

ID: 1768

$114.95 USD

Dashing Romance to Italy

ID: 1761

$199.95 USD

Pure Joy Flower Basket to Italy

ID: 50059

$124.95 USD

Connoisseurs Heart to Italy

ID: 1767

$199.95 USD

Floral Fiesta Bouquet to Italy

ID: 4131

$139.95 USD

Passion Burst to Italy

ID: 50207

$229.95 USD

Sating the Cookie Monster to Italy

ID: 828

$134.95 USD

Belgian Beer Gift Set to Italy

ID: 1740

$149.95 USD

Save $10.00

Affairs of Heart to Italy

ID: 1763

$289.95  $279.95 USD

Deluxe Godiva Valentines Assortment to Italy

ID: 316

$124.95 USD

I Give You My Heart to Italy

ID: 1760

$199.95 USD

Save $10.00

To Share, Or Not to Italy

ID: 824

$159.95  $149.95 USD

Connoisseurs Passion to Italy

ID: 1766

$284.95 USD

Sunshine Rays to Italy

ID: 808

$114.95 USD

Mellow Mood to Italy

ID: 1762

$229.95 USD

Romantic and Masculine to Italy

ID: 1823

$149.95 USD

Bearing Passion to Italy

ID: 688

$184.95 USD

His All Time Favorites to Italy

ID: 1821

$139.95 USD

European Romance to Italy

ID: 1771

$199.95 USD

Belgian Delicacy to Italy

ID: 685

$179.95 USD

Ale Affair to Italy

ID: 689

$124.95 USD

Sparkling Feelings to Italy

ID: 1817

$149.95 USD

A Toast to Your Love to Italy

ID: 1820

$199.95 USD

Signs of Affection to Italy

ID: 1769

$134.95 USD

Strong Shoulder to Italy

ID: 1772

$234.95 USD

Spanish Romance to Italy

ID: 686

$174.95 USD

Sparkles and Hugs to Italy

ID: 684

$244.95 USD

Save $5.00

Cava From the Heart to Italy

ID: 811

$134.95  $129.95 USD

Heart Full of Sweetness to Italy

ID: 813

$179.95 USD

All The Chocolate to Italy

ID: 274

$174.95 USD

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What our Customers Say about our Service

  "The service is simply excellent! I confess that I initially had several fears. But considering the positive reviews I decided to take the risk. I ordered a basket for Valentine's and it was delivered today to my husband who is working in Honduras (we're from Argentina). And he just called me very excited because he entered his room and found the gift. They delivered my gift promptly, right on time. And my husband said the gift was very cute. Also during these days their customer service constantly kept in touch with me to arrange the details. I recommend them without any hesitation."
Andrea Q - Argentina - Feb 14, 2013

"I'm a speechless! All I can say is Excellent service. It was my first time to use and I'm truly satisfied by the great service and the on-time delivery. My wife who lives in Abu Dhabi, UAE is more than happy to see the unexpected gift for her birthday from me and that makes me happy too!"
Farhan - Dublin, Ireland - Jul 7, 2010

"My parents live in Israel. My dad did not feel well recently so I decided to send him a gift basket. It was a bit tricky finding a company that delivers to Israel, as I did not want to send just flowers and chocolates. I recently had a bad experience on Valentine's day with another service my boyfriend used, so I took care to do ample research on the net. I found and chose the luxury wine and cheese basket. They were so professional and called me within a few hours to verify that I indeed put in the order. My parents got the basket right on time, and were basically knocked off their feet by it's beauty and luxury. So worth it! I will always use this company for future orders. It's so important when it's a gift for you loved ones! Highly recommend this experience for anyone who want to send a gift basket. The variety is also amazing with regards to options on their website. "
Oranit - USA - Mar 11, 2010

"I am so impressed with the service. Was punctual and they did everything they could to make it on time. They even went out of their way when the phone number was not working to try other means to contact the recipient. Will always use this company for my international and local gifts. I strongly recommend this company to everyone I know that is looking for gift delivery or any other service they provide."
Ben Mason - New York, NY - Jan 7, 2013

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