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100 Nights to Kuwait

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After a long work day, getting to sit down to your favorite snack and a book you just can't put down is the best way to unwind. Let your friend pick the book, you send them the snacks that will help give them energy to make it to the next chapter. Your recipient will receive a bottle of delicious Fruit Syrup (18 oz.), crisp Pistachio Cookies, gourmet Chocolates (200g), a packet of sweet dried Apricots, tempting dried Figs, and sweet dried Dates, 4 different types of all natural Preserves, mouthwatering Date Cookies, Sesame Seed Cookies, and more. Congratulate your friends, invite your partner to a weekend away, or reward the office with 100 Nights.

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Reviews: 100 Nights

"I am extremely happy ! The order I placed was delivered today to my family in Tuscany ! This was the first time I dealt with so I was a little reluctant, but very hopeful it will work. They delivered it promptly, just as requested, today, at the right address of my brother's house. I think they were too thrilled about it and decided to check it later so they did not notice my card, I will check again with them tomorrow, for it's got its rightful place: under the Christmas tree along with the rest of the gifts ! :) "

Reviewed by Mara B. -
Rating: 5

"I have had a email from her son Stan and said that Madeleine was thrilled with the arrangement of roses for her 91st birthday. Thank you again for your service."

Reviewed by Kathy P -
Rating: 4.6
Queensland, Australia