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"My parents live in Israel. My dad did not feel well recently so I decided to send him a gift basket. It was a bit tricky finding a company that delivers to Israel, as I did not want to send just flowers and chocolates. I recently had a bad experience on Valentine's day with another service my boyfriend used, so I took care to do ample research on the net. I found and chose the luxury wine and cheese basket. They were so professional and called me within a few hours to verify that I indeed put in the order. My parents got the basket right on time, and were basically knocked off their feet by it's beauty and luxury. So worth it! I will always use this company for future orders. It's so important when it's a gift for you loved ones! Highly recommend this experience for anyone who want to send a gift basket. The variety is also amazing with regards to options on their website. "

Reviewed by Oranit -
Rating: 4.2

Wedding Gifts

Product ID: 100000405


USD $634.95

Product ID: 100000324

Newborn and Young Mom Double Present for a Baby Girl

USD $149.95

Product ID: 12000093

Sweet Tooth Indulgence with Veuve Clicquot

USD $589.95

Product ID: 12000091

Chocolate Lover Deluxe Gift Set with Veuve Clicquot

USD $559.95

Product ID: 12000087

Chocoholic Surprise with Merlot

USD $299.95

Product ID: 50206

Love of a Lifetime

USD $234.95

Product ID: 50115

Vintage Champagne and Romance

USD $359.95

Product ID: 823

Champagne For Toasting

USD $209.95

Product ID: 802

Wintry Treats

USD $284.95

Product ID: 732

Powder Puff Bouquet

USD $84.95

Product ID: 730

Brilliant Beauty Bouquet

USD $89.95

Product ID: 510

Connoisseurs Delight Gift Basket

USD $99.95

Product ID: 490

Sweet Success Gift Set

USD $149.95

Product ID: 476

A Perfect Pair Fruit Basket

USD $184.95

Product ID: 444

Ultimate Gourmet Party Gift Box

USD $319.95

Product ID: 435

Pure Elegance Gift Set

USD $109.95

Product ID: 422

Fruit and Bubbly Gift Basket

USD $184.95

Product ID: 420

Tropical Fruit and Gourmet Snacks

USD $159.95

Product ID: 168

Dartington Crystal Champagne Flutes

USD $99.95

Product ID: 138

Liquid Celebrations basket

USD $344.95

Product ID: 127

Deluxe Afternoon Delight

USD $274.95

Product ID: 126

Continental Breakfast basket

USD $119.95

Product ID: 117

Thorntons Chocolates I love Chocolate hamper gift set

USD $99.95

Product ID: 116

Thorntons Chocolates Premium Classics gift set 630 g

USD $54.95