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"I am so impressed with the service. Was punctual and they did everything they could to make it on time. They even went out of their way when the phone number was not working to try other means to contact the recipient. Will always use this company for my international and local gifts. I strongly recommend this company to everyone I know that is looking for gift delivery or any other service they provide."

Reviewed by Ben Mason -
Rating: 4.7
New York, NY

Congratulations Gifts

Product ID: 1186

Perfect Bites

USD $129.95

Product ID: 503494

Romance and Snuggles

USD $74.95

Product ID: 1175

VIP Holiday

USD $259.95

Product ID: 11

Romantic Holidays Bouquet

USD $209.95

Product ID: 922

Holiday Greetings Bouquet and Chocolates

USD $159.95

Product ID: 923

Holiday Melody

USD $99.95

Product ID: 918

Chocolate Lover Deluxe Gift Set

USD $449.95

Product ID: 197

Layers of Chocolate

USD $224.95

Product ID: 157

Carnation Imagination

USD $154.95

Product ID: 161

Poinsettia in a Vase

USD $99.95

Product ID: 162

Showing That You Care

USD $99.95

Product ID: 997

Oxfam Christmas Classics

USD $174.95

Product ID: 1180

Sweet Love

USD $349.95

Product ID: 1181

Tender Moments

USD $299.95