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"I wanted to send a gift to my boyfriend in UK and am in one of those developing countries where the use electronic payment system is not available to pay online with a credit card, and my bf's birthday was on Saturday. I googled a weekend delivery facility and thanks God I found Giftbasketoverseas. I sent an email to them seeking confirmation that they would deliver on saturday and got a confiration response in the next 5 min... I was like waouwwwww... what a professional customer service! When order time came I wondered how will I pay? I went through their website and found offline payment methods suitable to my location, -a wire transfer to their bank account or western Union money transfer. I sent the cash via western union and communicated to them MCTN, they collected the cash then asked me for details of my order.. they created it.... The basket was delivered on the right day and at the correct location, my boyfriend was speechless when he received it... I really appreciated the professionalism of the service... Great!"

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Rating: 4.5

Congratulations Gifts

Product ID: 521

Fruity Party Tray

USD $174.95

Product ID: 531

Fruits and Gourmet Basket

USD $239.95

Product ID: 534

The Pampering Basket

USD $314.95

Product ID: 542

White Wine Basket

USD $179.95

Product ID: 544

VIP Tray

USD $259.95

Product ID: 1007

Simply Red Basket

USD $239.95

Product ID: 1042

Tea for Two Basket

USD $179.95

Wine Sophistication Product ID: 40004

Wine Sophistication

USD $179.95

Product ID: 2005

Warm Toast

USD $119.95

Product ID: 39

Holiday Greetings Bouquet and Chocolates

USD $119.95

Product ID: 40

Holiday Melody

USD $119.95

Product ID: 1709

Castle Walk Gift Basket

USD $354.95

Product ID: 1721

Gourmet Delight

USD $324.95

Product ID: 1729

Unusual Combo

USD $89.95